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Scene Around Town

  Pioneer Park Stage Groundbreaking:  1. John Hannam, Central Saanich Lions; Dan Olive, SeaFirst Insurance Brokers; Geoff Bate, Brentwood Bay Community Association; Ken Burkowski, Central Saanich Lions; Ginny Alger, Brentwood Bay Community Association; John and Ron Tidman, Tidman Construction; Ryan Windsor, Mayor of Central Saanich The ArtSea Salish Sea Lantern Festival:  2, 3, 4. Beautiful and creative lanterns light up the waterfront from the Sidney band-shell to the fishing pier Dinner en Rouge:  5. Craig Henderson and Gordon Henderson of the Craig Henderson Trio  6. Over 300 people gathered atRead More

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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Food. What do you think of when you read that word? For my two children, food means very different things: for one it means a chance to get involved in cooking, and for the other it’s a love for food, whatever is being served. For me the connotation of the word food has evolved substantially over the years. For most of my early life, I was largely unconscious when it came to food, eating or not eating whatever was in front of me based purely on taste. Then, over theRead More

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When is coffee not “just coffee?” For over 20 years I’ve looked at coffee differently than most. I really watch people’s faces when they sip it and how they handle their cup. Everyone’s face changes depending on who they are talking to whether it’s a parent, friend … and then there’s the “lover look” over coffee !  Coffee is not just coffee to our team, coffee is a catalyst, an ingredient, that can elevate not just your mood, but food and it can even be served cold with nitrous gasRead More
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The Light Side: Confessions of a Gourmand

by Craig Campbell –  I well remember when I fell in love with food and its companion, drink; it was the day I was born, thus out of necessity a combination meal at the time being both food and drink. “Great Demeter, goddess of food,” I thought, “this is the most wonderful moment of my entire life!” That, and the poop I had shortly after, made it a perfect first day. I was an active child (a successive string of doctors used more complicated terms) and thankfully never gained weight,Read More
by Dan Adair, Branch Manager, Island Savings Brentwood Bay –  If there’s an easy way to constantly blow your household budget, it’s the grocery bill. Because eating is a necessity, it’s easy to overlook it in terms of money management. But it’s also undeniably one of life’s pleasures – and that creates a lot of opportunities to overspend. Here are some tips to help you manage your grocery expenses. Plan, plan – and plan some more. Create a meal plan that identifies every meal you will make that week. ThisRead More