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by Valerie Green –  Today, it is hard to imagine that the busy intersection at West Saanich Road and Wilkinson Road was once farmland with a mere trail connecting the history of two houses in that area. The history also connects five pioneer families of considerable note: the Yales, the Mansons, the Peers, the Grants and the Maynards. One of the houses was built around 1912 and the other between 1920 and 1925. It is a somewhat long and meandering tale, but one more than worthy of telling and itRead More

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Can We Talk

Owner / Publisher Sue Hodgson Chats with Sheri and George Braun, Owners of The Olive Farm on Salt Spring Island There are very few locations in Canada that could even begin to provide the growing needs for good quality and high quantities of olive fruit. What makes Salt Spring Island a desirable place to launch your business, and what have been some of the difficulties in doing so in this area? When we finally decided on growing olives right here in Canada, we started off looking for a location with aRead More
by Deborah Rogers –  I’ve been out in boats before and always find myself feeling anxious about my total lack of control! So an adult beginner lesson was just what I needed to show me that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and that sailing a boat under wind is a truly exhilarating experience. Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club (SNSYC) is hidden at the very end of Marina Way; you have to know it’s there to find it. The attractive white clubhouse was originally a private residence, butRead More

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Salish Sea News: Low-Tide Dinner Table

by Tina Kelly –  Long, long before your fruit and veggie waste digested into soil in the back yard, and long before the curbside kitchen scrap program, there were traditional compost heaps among us. These ancient kitchen heaps, or middens, are now considered archaeological sites; there are 5,700 known midden sites in British Columbia with more than 30 right here in the Gulf Islands. Midden, an English word of Scandinavian origin, describes a location for food waste disposal. The composition of local middens offers a peek into the lives andRead More
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Seaside Arts Scene

by Gillian Crowley –  Susan Aglukark Enjoy a special evening with Susan Aglukark, a Juno Award-winning Inuk singer and songwriter. Her blend of country, world music and easy-listening pop is distinguished by her gentle voice, upbeat melodies and inspirational lyrics sung in English and Inuktitut. The past 25 years have seen Susan travel a path of personal discoveries, cultural reconnections and personal healing. In 2012 she founded the Arctic Rose Foundation ( which gives those supporting youth, women, diversity and culture an opportunity to make a positive contribution to Canada’sRead More