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by Linda Hunter –  For some, starting fresh represents possibility: for change, for something better than before, a chance to begin again. For others, a new year is filled with trepidation and a renewed isolation. For all, January marks the progression of time, our own season of winter, bringing us closer to our journey’s end. We are all growing old. For seniors, it may feel as though things are ending rather than beginning, a daunting thought especially if we are living alone or lonely, with reduced resources or limited health.Read More
by Dr. Kristen Bovee, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic & Hydrate IV Wellness Centre –  Our stress response is an essential component for our survival, but having too much stress is also linked to certain health conditions such as hypertension and cancer. If your New Year’s resolution is to reduce your overall stress, you may want to look at the HPA axis to help keep you healthy. The hypothalamus pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis is a complex neuroendocrine pathway that is our central stress response system. In a perceived stressful event, our hypothalamusRead More
by Dan Adair, Island Savings Brentwood Bay –  According to the Government of Canada’s most recent statistics, 11.4% of seniors (65 and older) declared bankruptcy in 2016. The number appears to be on an upward swing – in 2014, 10.9% of seniors reported insolvency, compared to only 9.2% in 2012. Yes, there are several factors influencing this trend, but nevertheless, seniors need to be vigilant when it comes to managing their finances in the golden years. Here are some common pitfalls and advice for navigating them. Beware the easy moneyRead More
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Inside Out: Self-Care for the Care-Giver

by Jo Barnes –  You might think that you’re only taking care of mom or dad, but it goes far beyond that. You have to be nurse, counsellor, legal advocate, and you might find yourself overwhelmed with the realization that there’s so much more to know that doesn’t come with just being a good son or daughter. “We find the biggest challenge is caregivers take a long time to ‘self-identify,’ meaning they don’t think of what they are doing as care-giving but as just part of their relationship with theirRead More

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Ask A Stylist

by Shai Thompson –  It can be difficult to feel amazing every day, but I’m here to help you find answers and give direction when it comes to creating and organizing your wardrobe. Always remember: nobody’s perfect! Email your questions to January Style Tip: Happy New Year! This is your time to make the positive changes you have been dreaming of. I would like to encourage you to make a style vision board. This will give you an opportunity to manifest a new fresh look for the spring season.Read More