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Island Dish: Fresh Basil Pesto

by Laura Waters, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts –  As the days get longer, I start to spend more time in my garden, looking for signs that my perennials and bulbs are returning. I love this time of year when everything starts to wake up; I get such enjoyment in reaping the rewards of yesterday’s efforts. Through most of the winter I have been thumbing through seed catalogues and books, wondering what I will plant this year. What new varieties shall I try? Since November we have been hauling bucketsRead More

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Stories from the Sky

  by Jo Barnes –  The Victoria International Airport is a busy place where people come and go as daily flights arrive and depart. Travellers move with determination to make connections or wait anxiously for loved ones to arrive. Airports are places of joy and sadness, departures and reunions. Everyone has a story, and it’s here that we’ll be sharing some of them.  When preparing to meet a friend or family member at the airport, people do a variety of things. Some dress well to look their best; others standRead More
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Inside Out: Easing Your Hay Fever and Allergies

by Mikiala Christie, Health Within Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine –  Spring is around the corner and depending on who you are, it is either a welcome change from winter or a nasty assault on your immune system. According to statistics, one in six Canadians suffer from hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Depending on your particular allergy, you may suffer from April all the way to mid-October. You may have followed the advice of the medical profession and sometimes, you have felt relief. However, for the majority of you the levelRead More
by Shauna Dorko, Sidney SeniorCare –  Thankfully, it appears that winter has finally blown over … and as the season changes, yet again, our thoughts and energies naturally turn to more outdoor pursuits. Spending time in the sunshine and fresh air not only allows us to absorb more Vitamin D, but encourages gentle activity, relaxes the nervous system, increases positive endorphins and soothes the soul. It’s only fitting for this “green” issue that we touch on the greenest pursuit of all, and one which many seniors, or those approaching theirRead More

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Ask a Stylist

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi –  April Style Tip: Being on colour trend this season means injecting shades of purple into your spring wardrobe. In ancient times, purple was very costly to produce and was mainly only associated with royalty and the church. As April 1 is Easter and many of you will be celebrating by going to church, you will notice purple throughout many of the sanctuaries during this season. As spring starts to arrive, nature’s pageantry of splendor is on full display with colourful flowers burstingRead More