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The Light Side: Cutting Edge – That’s Me!

by Craig Campbell –  I really am the perfect person to talk to about this issue’s theme: innovation. In fact, some call me Mr. Innovation; yessiree bob. Totally innovative. You see, I am always being innovative, I, uh … is it getting warm in here? Where was I? Right, innovation. Let’s start with a complete list of things I am good at and see how innovative I have been: 1) … Okay, admittedly the list of things I am good at is embarrassingly short. Well then, how about list theRead More
Seaside Magazine Starfish

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Seaside Arts Scene

by Gillian Crowley –  November may be our rainiest month but there’s more than enough going on in music and arts and crafts to keep us warm. Artisans Gift Gallery Get your gift buying done early at this popular show of contemporary and traditional works by Island artisans. The selection is eclectic and unpredictable, including jewelry, glass, pottery, turned wood, fibre art, wearables, photography and holiday décor. Meet the artists and discover the rich and varied talents of Island artisans. Free entry. ArtSea Gallery at Tulista Park, Sidney. Ongoing toRead More

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Deb’s Day Out: There’s No Escape!

by Deborah Rogers –  It’s not everyone’s idea of a good time, being locked in a room with their colleagues, but this month for my “Day Out” I had the opportunity to try an “Escape Room,” and who better to try it with than the rest of the Seaside team? A phenomenon that’s become globally popular, taking inspiration from “escape-the-room” style video games, the idea originated in Asia and now Escape Rooms can be found in cities around the world. It’s a physical adventure game where you are, quite literally,Read More

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Salish Sea News: Diving on Dry Land

by Tina Kelly –  Canada’s coastline exceeds 200,000 kilometres but a mere 25% of its population lives in coastal zones. Of that small percentage, how many are certified to dive? Weed out the non-swimmers, the underage, those with health, physical or financial limitations, and those like me, the “too nervous to do more than float about with a mask and snorkel,” and you have an incredibly shrinking number. If only there was a way for everyone to dive, no matter the obstacles. Enter virtual reality (VR). Three-dimensional computer-generated worlds areRead More
by Matt Hall, Wildwood Nursery –  Autumn is an exciting time of year for us in the nursery industry. Our daily mail is full of catalogues from our growers, that are brimming with plants to fill our nurseries with in the spring. It’s also when the new cultivars and varieties of plants, bulbs and seeds are first revealed to our curious eyes. These plants are often the fruits of months (or even years) of horticultural innovation, cultivation, and research and include varieties that may become prevalent players in our futureRead More