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by Dr. Kristen Bovee –  Having practiced on the Peninsula for over 15 years, changes to our community have been significant. Even the way we eat has been changing. Soy milk and probiotics were difficult to find in a local grocery, and organic foods were thought a waste of money. Today, organic foods have taken off and are present in most grocery stores, soy milk is only one option as a milk alternative, and choices for probiotics can be overwhelming. There have also been great strides in the consciousness ofRead More
by Tara Logan, Lotus Village Yoga – Fall brings the return to school and the end of holidays and we may notice our minds are not quite ready to follow us on our quest to invite change. Our minds naturally resist change; nervousness begins about starting something new, worry stirs and pretty soon we may have sleepless nights and even notice a state of anxiety. Although these are states we all experience in life, we don’t want this imbalance to impact our health or our connection to ourselves. Learning aRead More

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by Lara Gladych –  EVENTS Hero Tribute The Battle of Britain is an event that the B.C. Aviation Museum (BCAM) members observe each year to commemorate the brave men and women of the Royal Air Force, many of whom were Canadians, who saved Britain from certain defeat. On September 17, the Victoria and Esquimalt Military Re-Enactors Association will be on site at the BCAM, dressed in period-correct Royal Air Force and Home Guard uniforms. The Museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission will be byRead More
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by Paula Kully –  I love to dine out. For me, gone are the days of slaving away in the kitchen to create a meal that is devoured within 15 minutes, only to be followed by hours of cleanup. At this stage in my life, I would much rather leave all of that to the professionals. But, if you are like me, I am always a bit concerned about the food handling practices in restaurants. After talking with Joanne Lum, Senior Environmental Health Officer at Vancouver Island Health Authority, myRead More
by Tracey Jones and Stacey Kaminsky –  It’s a sign of the times. Home prices are skyrocketing. People are either downsizing and editing their “stuff” into a much smaller space, or renovating their existing home to create long-term solutions – optimizing their space without expanding their footprint. Storage in today’s world is big business. You may be frustrated with failed systems. You just want to feel good when you walk into your home. You are stressed. Sound familiar? The key to getting it right is really defining your family’s needs. WhoRead More