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Island Dish – Fondue with Friends

by Laura Waters – Snowdon House, Gourmet & Gifts – Christmas is a very busy time of year. We seem to fill the whole month of December and then have nothing on the radar come January. It seems to me it would be much nicer if we could even it out throughout the year more and not wait for special occasions to come for us to entertain. I was recently at a friend’s home where we enjoyed a raclette dinner. A grill sits in the centre of the table andRead More

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Island Dish – Lamb and Eggplant Stew

by Christopher Compton – The days are getting shorter and it’s finally the time of year where you can enjoy warm soups and stews. This recipe is inspired by my old chef Castro Boateng and a dish he would make. A warm pot of stew cooking slowly, and filling your house with a tantalizing scent, is one of life’s great pleasures. The combination of ginger, tomatoes and peanut butter may sound a little strange, but it’s a classic West African flavour combination, and creates a rich and pleasantly spiced dish.Read More
by Laura Waters, Snowdon House, Gourmet & Gifts – What an amazing summer. It has flown by like a whirlwind! I am so thankful for where I live and the amazing people that cross my path every day. For the first time I registered with WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and we have had three amazing people throughout the summer from Germany and Argentina. Two of them stayed for five weeks each. They loved mingling with the bed and breakfast people, meeting some of the campers, andRead More

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Corn on the Cob Three Ways

by Jenni & Brendan Brown, Harvest Rd Farm to Table Grill – The Saanich Peninsula is widely recognized for producing the best vegetables on Vancouver Island, yet despite knowing this, we’re always stunned by the incredible flavour of the fresh corn grown on the Saanich Peninsula. Regardless of which side of the Pat Bay Highway you choose for your corn shopping, you are sure to be awestruck by the flavour and freshness. We are currently serving fresh picked corn on the cob from Michell’s Farm with all of our mainRead More
by Chris Cowland – My mother was not the best cook in the world. Her repertoire consisted of egg and chips, beans and chips, and for the weekend, egg, bacon, beans and chips. In post-war Britain, 99% of the populace would deep fry with lard, but I remember that in the early 1960s cooking oil became available. Mum really upped her repertoire with this, and our clogged arteries breathed a sigh of relief. One day when I was around 10, mum was in the kitchen, and she called me throughRead More