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Posted On July 26, 2019By seasideIn Local Dish, Regulars

Behind the Scenes – Feast of Fields

by Cassidy Nunn – I’m continually amazed at the abundance of local farms, wineries, cideries, distilleries, restaurants and caterers we are blessed with here on Vancouver Island, who make farming, producing and eating local a priority and a way of life.  Featuring many of these amazing local businesses is the annual Feast of Fields – B.C.’s largest local food and beverage festival – a delicious event put on by the charitable organization Farm Folk City Folk, which strives to bring more awareness to sustainable food production in B.C. Every yearRead More

Posted On July 26, 2019By seasideIn Local Dish, Regulars

Island Dish – A Summer Breakfast

by Chris Compton – I’ll admit it: I hate making breakfast. I would rather drink a cup of coffee and begin my day than spend the time to make breakfast. Unfortunately, that is not a healthy choice and it leads to snacking later in the day. I don’t know if it really is the most important meal of the day, but I feel better when I start with something delicious. This granola recipe takes a bit of time, but most of it is hands off and can be done withRead More
by Laura Waters, Snowdon House – A very close friend recently lost her battle with cancer and I am so missing her. Her ability to fight back was amazing, and it was always with a smile. She was a breath of fresh air and she will always be missed. We met many years ago when our kids were little and many years went by not living close to each other. But when she moved to Victoria, it was wonderful: we picked up right where we left off and it wasRead More
by Chris Compton – I love dumplings. These are deeply savoury, and best served with a simple sauce of soy, rice vinegar and scallion. This recipe can be easily doubled and a portion can be frozen for later use. The preserved mustard greens can be bought at most Asian grocery stores. You can also buy the wrappers from the store but I prefer homemade. It makes approx 32 dumplings. Dough 1 cup water 2 cups all purpose flour 1 tsp sesame oil pinch of salt Add salt to flour. BoilRead More
by Chris Compton –  This is a recipe best served with a pile of warm tortillas and a margarita. The combination of turkey, corn, kale and black beans provides a filling and nutritious dinner that can even be served at a dinner party. I find that turkey is an underutilized source of protein and the only time it is looked towards is during the holidays when it is dressed with all of the seasonal classics. It has so many more uses, and is a great source of lean protein. TheseRead More