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Posted On September 28, 2018By seasideIn Local Dish, Regulars

Island Dish – Blackberry Apple Vegan Crumble

by Laura Waters, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts –  What an incredible summer we’ve had! The bounty from the garden is abundant everywhere. Blackberries have flourished throughout the heat; they are my favorite berry. What a wonderful addition to a salad. At the recent Flavour Trails gala dinner, my salad incorporated 13 elements from the garden with a splash of roasted blackberries on the side for flavour and colour. I also use roasted blackberries in salads and sorbets in the summer. Roasting the blackberries on a cookie sheet for 10Read More

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Island Dish – Coconut Lavender Colada

by Jordan Caldwell, Training by Tara Brunet –  The Saanich Peninsula has many areas with lavender bushes and even lavender farms, including Kersey Lavender Farm in Brentwood Bay. Lavender bushes can also be purchased from many garden shops and planted in your home garden for your enjoyment. Not only does lavender have a soothing scent and beautiful purple spears of tiny flowers: it is a lovely addition to anyone’s home garden and can be used to deter deer from foraging in your garden as it also serves as a deerRead More

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Island Dish – Rosemary Lemonade

by Laura Waters, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts –  Rosemary is a perennial herb that is extremely prolific and will grow in very poor soil; it comes from the Mediterranean. It’s such a lovely herb, and pinching off its needlelike foliage releases an intoxicating aroma. The bees love it when it is flowering; depending on the variety it can have blue or white flowers. So versatile, it can be placed in a teapot with hot water to make a tea, or inside of a roasting chicken with salt and pepperRead More
by Jordan Caldwell, Training by Tara Brunet –  Finally, summer has arrived in Sidney. Warm mornings, sun shining during walks down by the breakwater, and cool summer winds that breeze through late-night patio conversations. Everything about summer has that great positive vibe to it. Colours are brighter, and oddly enough water even tastes colder and more refreshing! July is right in the peak of patio season. Family and friends gather outside to play or suntan on the lawn. You could close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach inRead More
by Laura Waters, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts –  What incredible weather we have been enjoying. I recently travelled to the Phillipines and experienced 35° to 38° weather with extreme humidity. I had a lovely visit and enjoyed myself but I’m convinced now more than ever that we live in paradise. It really and truly does not get much better than this. My perennial herbs are back up and my bronze fennel is taking over part of my garden. A bit of a bonus, but a curse for any gardener.Read More