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Scene Around Town

  Seaside Writers’ Lunch | SBIA Grand Reopening of Sidney Visitor Centre | Seaside Book Club 1-7 Seaside Magazine Writers’ Lunch:  1. Tina Kelly and Lara Gladych  2. Publisher Sue Hodgson thanks the writers: Gillian Crowley, Krista Rossato, Deborah Rogers, Valerie Green  3. Seaside’s Editor-in-Chief, Allison Smith  4. Trysh Ashby-Rolls  5. Stu Rhodes  6. Shauna Dorko, Jo Barnes, Paula Kully  7. Doreen Marion Gee 8-9 SBIA Grand Reopening of the Sidney Visitor Centre:  8. Elizabeth May, MP (and puppy); MLA Gary Holman, Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea’s Mark Loria; Chris Cowland, CowlandRead More
by Dr. Ambrose Marsh, Chief of Staff, Saanich Peninsula Hospital –  Work in my office and in the hospital was extraordinarily busy when the SPH Foundation staff asked me to suggest a general theme for Heart Health month. I hadn’t finished my Christmas shopping, and I was distracted by the fact that all my boys were coming home for the holidays so I tossed out: “Eat less salt and increase your activity,” and left it at that. A couple weeks later (still having not finished my shopping), I was askedRead More

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Behind the Scenes: Butchart Gardens

by Paula Kully –  Butchart Gardens is a jewel in the crown of the Saanich Peninsula, attracting over one million visitors a year from all over the world. People see the 55 acres of spectacular blossoms, the famous Sunken Garden and Rose Garden rampant with colour, but what they don’t see are the 130 acres of operations, 28 greenhouses staffed by 16 year-round employees, and thousands of hours that go into bringing Butchart to life. The Gardens are open year-round, with each season bringing a new incarnation. Even in theRead More

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Trendspotting: Sort it Out!

  by Susi McMillan | photos by –  Quality Storage $5.50. Muffet & Louisa. Message Ready To Go! $4.50. IslandBlue. Bed in a Box $1,998. Sidney Mattress & More. File Destruction the Easy Way! $35. Monk Office. Pass It On Free! Beacon Community Thrift Shops. A Bestselling Tip $19.99. Tanner’s Books. Finding Essentials $52.99. Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials. flushbath.caRead More
by Solara Goldwynn, Hatchet & Seed –  Snacks are a crucial part of my day. A snack can immediately stop a meltdown of a two year old; it can bring back mental function after a sleep-deprived night; it can be turned into a game (put the snack into the bowl, where’s the snack? etc.); and it can be shared with friends. Lately though, as an environmentally-conscious mother of a toddler, I’ve noticed that most snacks come covered in plastic and are filled with sugar. Sometimes you buy something that is inRead More