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Last Word with Allison Smith

When I was  little, the term “Living Green” probably hadn’t even been invented yet. “Doing your part for the planet” meant recycling your tin cans and glass bottles, but that was about it. Composting was something only hippies did, you let the water run while you brushed your teeth and virtually everything was thrown in the trash. Now, of course, we live in a very different world, one that is suffering from years of ignorance as to our affect on the environment. But it’s also a different world in thatRead More

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Can We Talk with Sue Hodgson

Publisher Sue Hodgson Talks With Lorraine Brewster, Senior Manager of Panorama Recreation Centre Your love of, and connection to, parks and recreation started at a young age as a playground leader. With 30 years of experience in the field, you still have such an affinity for it. As senior manager at Panorama Recreation you oversee the entire operations, programs, maintenance and administration of about 150 staff. What does a typical day look like for you and how do you make it all work? When you believe in what you do andRead More
by Stu Rhodes –  Karlee Munro’s first real exposure to welding came when she was about 10 years old. She always enjoyed being her dad’s shadow when he was working around the house, and this included helping out during a renovation when they had to add two more treads and risers to a metal spiral staircase. A few years later, Karlee completed an aptitude test that identified welding as a good career fit for her at around the same time she landed herself in a metal work class at Stelly’sRead More

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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Every day I feel privileged to know so many incredible women in our community. Whether it’s my next door neighbors, my children’s teachers, my colleagues or the many local entrepreneurs … they are everywhere I look. In this issue of Seaside Magazine we are celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing women in business with our Sixth Annual Women To Watch contest and special supplement. From real estate to law and accounting to retail, women on the Saanich Peninsula and the Islands are providing local jobs, excellent service and innovative products. IRead More
by Dr. Kristen Bovee, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic –  A major part of my practice is supporting women of all ages with hormonal issues. Hormonal wellness is fundamental to a woman’s health because hormones can affect the delicate balance of systems in our body including our nervous, endocrine, digestive, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. They have a powerful affect on making these systems work together in harmony to maintain a healthy functioning body. However, when hormones become unbalanced, it is no wonder women seek help because of the many symptoms that canRead More