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by Tina Kelly –  Breaking it down to the basics, we have to acknowledge that a healthy watershed literally keeps us alive; our every breath of oxygen is thanks to the ocean and each sip of water is a product of healthy rivers, streams and the land surrounding them. But sometimes our health gets more complicated and viruses or disease strike. Is there help out there in our watershed for these? The answer is yes! It’s been more than 100 years since the common pain relief, Aspirin, was derived from theRead More

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The Inside Path: Heart Disease – Fat or Fiction?

by Dr. Kristen Bovee, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic –  Many health experts claim that certain fats are bad for you. While this can be true, ultimately we end up thinking all fat is bad. Current research has shown that the real culprits in poor heart health have to do with low nutrition status, high inflammation, stress and consumption of refined sugar. So if fats can be good for your heart, which ones do we need to consume? Here are three of my top choices for healthy fats that offer up multipleRead More

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The Light Side: The Big V

by Tom Watson –  Valentine’s Day is upon us, yet again – the one day a year when the pressure to deliver is astronomical. How did it come about, and why am I a schmuck if I’m not standing in line at a local gift boutique, then florist and finally chocolate shop, in order to deliver a bounty to signify my love? Actually, I’m pretty lucky and expectations of that kind have never been enforced … or she just gave up hope long ago. Back in the Third Century AD,Read More

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Fashion Focus: Ask A Stylist

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi –  February’s Style Tip: This is the month retailers receive their spring inventory. If you want to get a head start on your wardrobe choices, get into the shops early. Connect with sales reps that will call you when brands and colours in your size and style come in. This is truly what I love about boutique shopping: service! Q: This cold air is drying out my skin even though I moisturize. What do I do? This year, I am hearing more women talkRead More

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Common Cents: Long-Term Care Insurance

by Deneen Cunningham, McVagh Cunningham –  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning: you’re enjoying a coffee, reviewing the retirement income report from your financial advisor. You smile, thinking retirement looks comfortable. Then you receive a phone call from your dad, who shares the news that your mom has fallen again. He doesn’t think he can look after her anymore, but doesn’t know how he will afford care for her. You realize you haven’t factored this cost into your own retirement plan, and your smile disappears. Statistics tell us improved health careRead More