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Cowland’s Chronicles – Cabin Fever

by Chris Cowland – I must admit that I complained just like everyone else about being inundated with snow for the last four weeks, but then I thought back to the five years I spent in Winnipeg when I first came to Canada in 1980. A colleague had forewarned me that Winnipeg was “the place where God would visit if He wished to administer an enema unto the world,” but that was actually a slight exaggeration. Despite having snow for six months of the year, blackflies the size of sparrowsRead More
Seaside Magazine Starfish
by Gillian Crowley – Since its inception in 2013, the Sidney LitFest has grown to become a major event for those who love to read and write. This year the organizers – all volunteers – have added an additional evening event and invited authors who represent some of the best in Canadian fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The April 11 to 14 festival also offers three writing workshops led by well-known authors Fred Stenson, Carla Funk and Susan Juby. For anyone new to such an event, the festival can be aRead More
by Yvonne Bulk – Now that winter is over – and what a winter it was! – it is time to get our hands dirty. It’s still a little early to plant any tender annuals, but let’s talk about some ways you can already get out there. April is a great month to start your vegetable garden as long as the soil is not compact, and water logged. Once you have prepared your soil by removing weeds and applying manure or compost, you can sow cool weather veggies: arugula, broccoli,Read More

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Last Word with Allison Smith

It was a tightly wound, tightly bunched group that night at the Beach Club Resort in Parksville. Tickets had been taken, names crossed off the master list and 2019 Parksville Uncorked memento wine glasses given out. But a drop of wine musn’t be poured until 6:30, we were told, and the crowd was getting restless, choralled as we were in a space that was tight for the numbers. But what was happening down there? The group seemed to be moving down the hallway and amassing in an adjoining room! What’sRead More

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First Word with Sue Hodgson

What is the true definition of success? At a recent business event, I struck up this topic of conversation with a few colleagues and surprisingly many of them took awhile to answer and in fact it created quite a stir amongst us. As a member of Magazines Canada, I’m just in the midst of working with one of their travelling consultants: I’m matched with a magazine expert for a one-on-one consult, giving guidance and a fresh perspective on how our business is doing. So this idea of success struck aRead More