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by Tania Tomaszewska – Whether it’s from our patio chairs, going to neighbourhood markets or hitting the roads, we’re blessed with being able to support local farming. We can meet producers and experience their land. We can bite into apples or sip grapes which have been cultivated in our beautiful and bountiful backyard. Great artisanal wines and ciders are being made in our neck of the woods. Here are just a few of my local favourites! Rathjen Cellars, Saanich Winegrower and owner Mike Rathjen has repurposed the former Babe’s HoneyRead More
story by Janice Henshawphotos by Janis Jean Photography – Don’t you love meeting people whose eyes sparkle with excitement when they talk about what they do? Artist Karen Lancey displays this captivating enthusiasm as she describes the whimsical metal sculptures she creates out of the “stuff” that many of us dispose of in metal recycling bins. Karen’s “treasures” include rusty saw blades, seized wrenches, springs, pipes, keys, hand saws, crushed toolboxes, car parts, and all sorts of other unidentifiable metal bits and pieces. “Sometimes there’s just so many gifts, right?Read More
by Chris Sigurdson – Peninsula Landscape Supplies – This summer when most of my plants were at their peak, I noticed overcrowding, voids and plants not performing due to specific environmental conditions in my yard. Time to change it up! I have a plan of perennials requiring dividing, shrubs that need relocating, and additional trees and shrubs to incorporate into the landscape. With fall approaching, it’s a perfect time to transplant as plants are nearing dormancy, or dormant. Ultimately, your success will rely on the care that you take toRead More

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INSIDE OUT – The Way Forward

by Karen Morgan – Executive Director, SPHHF – Over the last few months, many people have said to me “these are interesting times!” I usually reply with: “May you live in interesting times? I’m told this is an old Chinese curse!” And yet, here we are. The staff at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital have worked hard to care for us (when needed) and keep us all, including residents in our Long-term Care Unit, safe. I’ve never been more proud to call these wonderful people my colleagues. Donors and visitors toRead More
by Shai Thompson – House of Lily Koi – A well-dressed life starts in a well-organized closet. So many of us have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Sound familiar? We go to the same combinations day in and day out without taking time to assess the opportunities that lie within our¬†wardrobe. At this point I frequently ask my clients: “Are you working for your wardrobe or is your wardrobe working for you?” Most reply they don’t wear half of their wardrobe because they don’t know howRead More