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Behind the Scenes: Rock Coast Confections

by Cassidy Nunn –  Anyone who knows me knows my extreme love for chocolate (paired with a good cup of coffee; not much is better than that!) so when I found out that delicious chocolates are being made right here on the Peninsula I was eager to sample them and to see how the treat I enjoy so often is actually made. Amber Isles founded Rock Coast Confections out of her home around six years ago and began by selling her English toffee and chocolates at local craft fairs. “IRead More

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Out For A … Run

by Tara MacDonald –  Jocelyn Hill Jocelyn Hill is the most beautiful viewpoint on the whole Peninsula. It is located in the Gowland Tod Provincial Park.  Route Details • The trailhead is located just to the right of the park map; it heads down.  • Stay to the right at the first intersection.  • Follow the orange blazes and the intersection signs towards Holmes peak – about 1.2km from the start. Be sure to head out to the Holmes viewpoint for an incredible view of the inlet.  • Continue down offRead More
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New & Noteworthy

by Paula Kully –  A Few Firsts Who Said Video Killed the Radio Star? Do you ever find yourself wishing that the local radio stations provided more Saanich Peninsula relative content? Welcome Radio Sidney, the Peninsula’s first all-local radio station. Operated by the non-profit Sidney Arts and Media Society, their mandate is to be the local voice of the Saanich Peninsula. The station currently streams via the Internet ( or through their app but they are in the process of applying for an FM frequency and broadcast license. The station’sRead More

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Cowland’s Chronicles: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

by Chris Cowland –  Sometimes we take for granted some of the small things in life. Every house has a dial or a push button on the wall. Too hot? Crank it down. Too cold? Crank it up. The joy of central heating … that is, until the worst wind storm in 50 years brings down power lines and leaves you in the middle of a cold, dark winter’s night. We set off on Boxing Day for the cottage at Lake Cowichan, only to find that two trees had broughtRead More

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Island Dish: Tomato & Pomegranate Salad

by Laura Waters, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts –  I don’t know where the time has flown! It seems like only yesterday I was taking the Christmas decorations out, hosting dinner, putting everything away and now it is the middle of January. Both my boys are choosing to go vegan, so my traditional cooking is being challenged. Looking for substitutes for butter, milk and eggs was my first test. So many things I cook use either one (or all three!) of these ingredients. I never liked the texture of tofu,Read More