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by Sherrin Griffin, Sidney SeniorCare – Don’t tell my husband, but I have always dreamed of spending my retirement years in a sprawling house with my girlfriends: cooking and drinking wine together; laughing over old stories; and sharing our similar views, hopes and dreams. Don’t get me wrong: we love the men in our lives, but the reality is women just “get each other,” and what could be more perfect than a mutually-beneficial shared living arrangement where women cohabitate, share their resources and support each other through their golden years?Read More
by Janice Henshaw – If John Steinbeck could travel across the US with only his dog Charlie for company at 60 years old, then I could do it too, at a much younger age – 57. My job had vanished and my two sons had flown the coop and were busy and content in their own lives. Time seemed to be rushing by and I felt adrift, powerless to make it slow down. At 3:00 a.m. one morning, I had a marvellous thought: why not drive across Canada, from coastRead More
by Dan Adair, Island Savings Brentwood Bay – During these unprecedented times, it may be tempting to take advantage of deferring your mortgage payments, especially if your income has been reduced as a result of COVID-19. However, there are lasting impacts to doing so.  Be mindful that a deferral is not mortgage forgiveness: the payment is being delayed and the interest accrued during that period is added to the balance owing, directly impacting the total interest you’ll pay over the long term.  Although mortgage deferment might make sense for some,Read More

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Going Green – Be Waterwise

by Tina Kelly – January 2020 – which now seems like a lifetime ago – was one of our five rainiest Januarys on record and taking water for granted was just a given. Shortly after, the world changed and perhaps we needed a little more gratitude for our access to a seemingly abundant, clean water supply – for increased hand-washing. Victoria has a sub-Mediterranean climate: mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Water collected in Sooke Lake Reservoir during the winter needs to sustain us May through September. Water-wise actionsRead More
by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes – We are in the thick of vegetable gardening prime time! Facebook and Instagram are flooded with gardening photos and DIY advice. West Coast Seeds has even downgraded their seed packets in order to expedite their production to meet pandemic demand! Now that your veggies are in and growing their little hearts out, have you ever looked at your raised veggie beds and wondered if they could look a little nicer? Maybe a little less wild and free and a little more elegant?  Read More