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by Paula Kully – News, changes, updates, launches? Email GROWING STRONG There’s nothing Fickle about this FigThe Fickle Fig is growing more than just veggies! They are committed to their clientele and have opened two new locations on the Peninsula: one at 2489 Beacon Avenue in Sidney and another, the Fickle Fig Market Cafe, in the Victoria Airport terminal. Both sites will offer their delicious baked goods, farm-fresh produce and gelato. Taking into accountThis New Year will see Hughesman Morris Chartered Profesional Accountants and Business Advisors became Hughesman MorrisRead More

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ART SCENE – Pamela Porter: Writing that Resonates

by Jo Barnes | photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography – She plays piano and guitar, but it is the music of her words which strikes the most powerful chord with people. North Saanich’s Pamela Porter, a Governor General Award winning writer, was captivated by the power of writing from a young age and now her free verse style and narratives captivate audiences. “Free verse, it’s a music of words. It’s a compressed language that’s crystal clear,” shares Pamela. “A word or phrase will open a door or window, a memoryRead More
by Jo Barnes | photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography – A seed. Whether it’s the start of a plant or the start of an idea, it has the potential to grow into something larger that can have an important impact on its environment. Kristen and James Miskelly, owners of Saanich Native Plants off Haliburton Road, grow plants and produce seeds native to our local habitats and educate others on restoration and conservation. “Native plants have an inherent value. They are a critical part of conserving and enhancing biodiversity,” shares Kristen.Read More

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by Tina Kelly, Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea | photo by Jeff Reindl – La Niña – two small words reflecting a big influence on our weather. As I type, the sun is shining and shoppers in Sidney are notably toque-less. Not bad for December, but predictions suggest that’s about to change. Peppered into news reports – between pandemic and politics – have been warnings of our winter weather to come. Wetter and colder are not descriptors we particularly want to hear, especially as we navigate restrictions on ourRead More
by Joan Saunders – A million years ago, when I was at UVic, living alone for the first time, I would phone my mom and, while eating ice cream say, “I’m spoiling my dinner.” And I was. I definitely was. Why bother cooking when ice cream was available? It’s not always easy to cook for one (or two, for that matter) as the effort seems to be the same as cooking for a larger group. It may then feel like the leftovers will never end. I have single friends whoRead More