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Island Dish – Fondue with Friends

by Laura Waters – Snowdon House, Gourmet & Gifts – Christmas is a very busy time of year. We seem to fill the whole month of December and then have nothing on the radar come January. It seems to me it would be much nicer if we could even it out throughout the year more and not wait for special occasions to come for us to entertain. I was recently at a friend’s home where we enjoyed a raclette dinner. A grill sits in the centre of the table andRead More
by Brad Armstrong – Pacific Ninja Gym – Summer is but a memory, the fall has almost come and gone and winter gets closer and closer by the day. As the weather deteriorates and the temperatures drop we all tend to go inside and hibernate, especially children and teenagers. With temptations like video games,YouTube and social media, screen time tends to rise during the winter months. Sitting inside and staring at a screen all day will bring on depression and make you feel lethargic. Getting outside and enjoying nature helpsRead More

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Meet Your Neighbours – Ten Thousand Less

by Anne Miller – We see daily reminders of how the last few generations have injured our precious earth and left the ruins for our children and grandchildren to clean up – if it’s possible. “OK boomer” has become a new meme which mocks a generation that, in large part, seems out of touch with current realities, but this phrase also brings us to attention. It reminds us that we must start talking and, importantly, listening: that each generation – indeed, each person – has something to offer and opportunitiesRead More

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New & Noteworthy

by Paula Kully – News, changes, updates, launches? Email 40 & FABULOUS! Youthful by NatureDon’t you love Sidney Natural Foods? You can just smell the health and goodness as soon as you walk in the door. This year, they are celebrating their 41st anniversary. Along with that, they have been nominated in two categories for the Times Colonist’s Reader’s Choice Awards and received the Professionals Award for Customer Service from Seaside Magazine. Congratulations to current owners Caroline and Kim Geoghegan, who have been serving Sidney for the past 27Read More
by Jesse Holth – Many years ago living on the Saanich Peninsula required people to draw their sustenance directly from the land upon which they lived. While most of us today rely on grocery markets and at best tend to backyard gardens, there are still those in our community for whom living off the land is a way of life. This is the ninth in a Seaside series featuring local community members who all share the same passion for the land and love of what they do. Respect for theRead More