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Roots and Shoots

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Roots and Shoots: the Buzz in Brentwood Bay

by Linda M. Langwith The early pioneers of Brentwood Bay were a hardy lot, carving farms out of the forest, caring for their families, raising livestock, growing grain, and selling such staples as eggs, butter, milk and other foodstuffs to a growing population in Victoria. Even in those challenging times of long hours and hard work, thought was given to creating and building a sustainable community. George Thomas and his family always made a point of inviting their neighbours to share in traditional Christmas celebrations. The names of guests are familiarRead More
Saanichton Community Christmas

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Saanichton community Christmas

The idea of coming together with friends and family during the holiday season creates a warm feeling inside most of us. Gathering to share a coffee, a cup of tea and a warm laugh is what this time of year is all about. The Village of Saanichton takes the gathering experience and goes one step further, by bringing the entire community together with their annual “Community Christmas Event.” This year it takes place on Saturday, December 14th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Saanichton Village slows down just a littleRead More
An Outstretched Hand - Seaside Magazine

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An Outstretched Hand

by Linda Hunter For Brentwood Bay’s Johnathan Smith and Kelly Sterling, “family” is number one. With five young children under 12 along with a 16-year-old nephew, raising six dependents is their first priority, with health and wellness a close second. Their journey has been difficult at times: the past two years have included trips to the local Food Bank, difficulties holding down full-time work due to serious illness and surgeries, and reliance on one unreliable family vehicle. Grateful for the love and support of a caring community, they have struggled toRead More