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Floating Ideas Lecture Sea-ries Diving Back in Time: Conservation at the Interface of Indigenous knowledge and Ecology

December 10, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea
9811 Seaport Place

Yelloweye rockfish are a marine species of immense ecological, economic and cultural value. The fish, which can live more than a century, are relied upon by commercial, recreational and First Nations fishers alike. Like many species valued by multiple user groups, yelloweye rockfish have faced massive stock declines in British Columbia throughout the last century. Coastal Indigenous Peoples worldwide have relied on fish and other marine resources for millennia, and continue to do so despite recent degradation of ocean systems by external forces. Their Indigenous knowledge and law, comprised of experiences, observations, beliefs, and lifeways, is relevant for modern marine management and conservation. In B.C., Coastal First Nations are in the process of developing proprietary Marine Use Plans, that combine Indigenous knowledge with independently conducted ecological studies to inform local marine management decisions.



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