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  Story by Janice Henshaw |  Photos by / Vince Klassen What does outdoor living space mean to you? Does it consist of a trip to the park, a barbecue, or perhaps a pot of geraniums and a couple of sun loungers on a deck? Or could it be an all-season entertaining area that includes an outdoor kitchen, heated tile flooring, and wicker patio furniture that surrounds a beautiful outdoor fireplace? Whatever we have now, it’s fun to dream about changes that will transform our outdoor play or relaxingRead More

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Can We Talk with Audrey Cooper

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR DEBORAH ROGERS CHATS with AUDREY COOPER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE VICTORIA THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION You joined the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association (VTRA) staff as Operations Manager after having volunteered for the organisation for many years, and then became Executive Director in 2015. What led you into this very specific line of work? Have you always had a connection with horses?  I grew up in France, just outside of Paris, and discovered horses at age seven when my parents registered me for riding lessons at a riding school closeRead More
by Bren Axon, Woofers One to One Dog Training –  A lot of people have a similar behaviour issue with their dog: he/she is happy and friendly with other dogs off leash, but on-leash it lunges and barks. People assume that the lunging and barking is caused by their dog showing aggression towards other dogs, or that their dog is being protective and guarding them. Most of the time, this is not the case. It might be true for some dogs, but usually, neither is the reason for the behaviour.Read More
  Thank you for the many entries! It was a tough job narrowing it down to our five winners. To view more visit DEXTER & GWEN by Annette De Wandel My name is Dexter, I’m a nine-year-old brindle whippet and Gwen is a Bengal; she’s nine as well. We both found our families in the summer of 2008. Sometimes months pass between our visits, but we always pick up right where we left off because that’s what best friends do. PAYA by Vivian Mah I’m Paya, a pied peach-faced lovebird, age eight, withRead More

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Wildlife Wayfarer: Edward “Eddy” Savage

by Jo Barnes –  Some people love cats, others love dogs. But Eddy, he’s more of a grizzly bear kind of guy. While they may not be the first choice for most animal lovers, Edward or “Eddy” Savage, Victoria-based expedition leader, naturalist guide and photographer, is passionate about bears. He feels very strongly about these magnificent creatures, in particular the grizzly bear. “They are gentle and intelligent animals that are important caretakers of our wild places,” says Eddy. “While many people whole-heartedly believe grizzly bears seek out humans for food,Read More