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by Jo Barnes – Jet lag. Economy class. Grounded airplane. While some terms associated with flying may appear incongruous, there is one aviation oxymoron that might actually be possible: a green airport. While many say the aviation industry has an adverse impact on the environment, the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) definitely has taken significant steps towards being greener and more environmentally proactive. For many years now the VAA has shown itself to be a leader in environmental management and responsible steward of the lands around it. “It’s the right thingRead More
Forget Whole Foods. In June 2016, on Salt Spring Island, you opened Canada’s first permanent zero-waste grocery store; Germany was just before you, creating Original Unverpackt (Original Unpackaged). By achieving zero waste, it’s not only about reducing consumption but extends to the design of products and the industrial processes which allow for components to be dismantled, repaired, reused and recycled. What prompted this inspirational business and how far behind are we in relation to our European counterparts? I started this business because I saw a documentary about single use plasticRead More
by Doreen Marion Gee – We live in a world of impossible expectations for physical beauty. Women especially are devalued from birth with cultural messaging – through media and advertising – that, unless they fit the perfect skinny body ideal, they are not quite “good enough.” Tara Brunet, a local entrepreneur, wants to upset that apple cart. She provides an essential local oasis where women can recover their self-worth in a supportive environment. The talented personal trainer proves once again that compassion always produces the best results and is aRead More

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Go Green. Green Tips for Your Home

  by Janice Henshaw – Many of us are committed to cycling and walking instead of using our cars whenever we can. We support local farmers or grow our food, and have lowered the temperature of our water heaters and furnaces. We have installed low-flow showerheads, and when replacing an appliance, we choose one with an efficient ENERGY STAR rating. However, there are still steps we can take to reduce our environmental footprint. In our homes, we can tackle projects such as insulating our basements and attics, applying weather strippingRead More
by Jo Barnes – When you walk along a beach, you leave a footprint in the sand. When you build a house, the footprint becomes the foundation. But where do those footprints lead you? What have you built on that foundation? Maybe you want to build a different footprint entirely. Two Saanich Peninsula residents who crossed paths have joined their efforts and vision in pursuit of a unique community footprint called cohousing. “I am interested in looking at how we make a community. I’m interesting in gathering together like-minded friends,” saysRead More