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by Solara Goldwynn, Hatchet & Seed – Eating locally in September is a feast for the senses. After an intensely warm summer, and an unprecedented forest fire season, the coming change to autumn is a welcome sight for many. Farmers markets are filled with the bounty of the season and all the love and hard work our local farmers have put into their products can be seen in our filled baskets and on our dinner plates. Farm-to-table and even garden-to-table is just easier this time of year.  The farm-to-table movementRead More
by Lara Gladych –  Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being “the voice of the Saanich Peninsula,” so, in every issue, we’ll be asking people to answer a question. We’re looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community. Food is one of my great loves. I can admit (as of recently) that I don’t particularly love to cook, or find it to be anything other than a means to a gratifying end, but I sure do love to eat.  Read More

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A Few of My Favourite (Kitchen) Things

by Chris Cowland –  Food, especially a shared meal, can be one of the greatest sources of human enjoyment. I try to make every meal a memorable occasion, even though some of the memories include the triggering of a smoke alarm … . I love gadgets of all types, but my favourite ones by far are kitchen gadgets. Here are a few from my collection. A meat thermometer. Why is it that a friend’s recipe which calls for roasting a three-pound chicken for 90 minutes at 350°F ends up as aRead More
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by Tara Brunet, Training by Tara Brunet –  As a nutritionist and trainer, I’m well versed on the current dieting trends. I hear about them from clients while they are “succeeding” and then don’t hear about them again after they fall off the bandwagon. Personally, my entire model around food and wellness is all about “Intuitive Eating:” not restricting any foods, staying in touch with your body’s internal cues, and focusing on how you feel versus weight loss. I admit that every time I hear about a “new” (just re-packaged)Read More
by Janice Henshaw – Have you ever seen a kitchen that is so beautiful in design and function that it almost takes your breath away? And when you return home, you look at your kitchen and think, hmmm, where do I start? Is it OK just to change the floor in the kitchen area? Can I repaint the cabinets myself? Would a new countertop add some “pop?” If so, what’s the best choice for my kitchen? I thought it might be fun to invite some experts in kitchen design –Read More