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A Coffee Table Three Ways

by Tracey Jones, Remarkable Interiors – COFFEE TABLE STYLING ESSENTIALS After choosing a look or style that fits your aesthetic (think – what is the look I’m drawn to?), it’s time to layer on your pretty things! Here are some coffee table essentials. Books. This is the reason there are “Coffee Table Books!” I love books and thrift for gorgeous ones! Whatever your interest is, there is a book out there. I also search for cover colour within my theme. Candles. Candles are universal ambience setters. Whether scented or justRead More

Posted On March 24, 2021By seasideIn Regulars, Top Stories

FROM THE KITCHEN – Macaron Dreams

by Joan Saunders | Photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography – For years, I dreamed of trying to bake macarons but didn’t even make the attempt. I foolishly believed that you had to speak French, work in a pristine patisserie and have special training to create these lovely treats. I was wrong! While it does take a bit of organization and preparation, making macarons is not difficult. The first time I tried the recipe I remember saying: “Look at the foot; they have the macaron foot!” I was astonished and soRead More

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Spring Cleaning: Where to Begin?

by Lara Gladych – It was around this time last year that we were beginning to realize that Covid lockdown was going to keep us home and very bored for longer than any of us hoped. For a good portion of us, this proved to be the perfect time to dig in to that deep cleaning we’d been meaning to get around to. A year later, we’re probably due to tackle it all over again. Something that’s a little bit different this spring is that, given the circumstances, it’s probablyRead More
by Amber Isles, RockCoast Confections | photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography – When I was asked to provide a recipe for Easter, my first thought was more about what represented Easter and not so much what was traditional. Bunnies, carrots, delicious desserts … but mostly I came up with this recipe because I really wanted to make carrot cake and – come to think of it – I don’t think that I had ever made one before! Developing a recipe for it couldn’t be that hard, right? There were severalRead More
by Tina Kelly – An eyeroll – a reaction I’d stifle when my mom returned home boasting about her purchases. When it came to thrift store shopping, she enjoyed the thrill of the hunt as much as the low prices. Back then, she’d nab clothes for 50¢ or $1. My teenage self had no interest. If only I knew then the positive impact choosing secondhand has on the environment. My eventual embracing of hand-me-downs coincided with starting university; the cost of living reality can have that effect. Used dishes? Yes,Read More