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by Anne Miller | photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography – Stats. Graphs. Demographics. Daily, we learn how COVID-19 is threatening our world and remains a clear and present danger. The numbers don’t touch our hearts, though, like images and stories. The November 30th broadcast of CBC’s The Moment revealed the image of a doctor embracing an elderly COVID-19 patient crying for his wife. The photo encapsulates the widespread anguish of so many. So does storytelling. I recently talked with Jane Dolan, a recreation therapist at the Saanich Peninsula extended-care facility. SheRead More
Anxiety over financial matters is stressful and can have a negative impact on your well-being, and that of your family. Last year brought new and unexpected challenges which may mean that your long-term financial plans will need reviewing or adjusting. According to CPA Canada’s Canadian Finance Study 2020, of the participants:• 31% say their income has decreased as a result of COVID-19.• 30% report COVID-19 has reduced the amount they are saving.• 21% of pre-retired respondents revealed they now plan to retire later as a result of COVID-19. Clearly, thereRead More
by Dr. Samantha Bourdeau, O.D., Ray Dahl Optical and Optometrists – New Year. New Look. There is no better time than now to greet our friends and colleagues with a new look. Put 2020 behind you and express your style, while ensuring the best fit and vision correction in your new glasses. Eyeglasses are one of the first things people see when they look at you and are a great way to make a statement. Whether you’re in the mood for classic elegance or something bold or retro, the trendsRead More
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Saanich Schools: Change During a Pandemic

by Dave Eberwein, Superintendent / CEO School District 63 – It goes without saying that COVID-19 has caused some significant upheaval in the public education system – for students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff. Schools were closed in March, then partially reopened with an emergency remote learning option in April, a partial opening in May and then fully reopened in September with an optional transitional remote learning program. All of them complex on their own with each phase requiring different approaches, different resources and different thinking – and allRead More

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Reader Cookoff Challenge: Boeuf en Croute

by Marcelo Najarr- Executive Chef, 10 Acres Restaurant Group | photo by Kevin Najarro – We know how our readers love trying the recipes we share each month; now we’re throwing down the gauntlet with a Reader Cookoff! We asked 10 Acres chef Marcelo Najarro to provide a recipe that would challenge the home chef, test their skills and maybe push them outside their culinary comfort zone. We want you to try it out and then share a picture with us – a whole community of cooks making the same dish!Read More