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by David Bremner, D.G.Bremner & Company, photos by Janis Jean Photography – The “sports jacket” has come almost full circle … from being the semi formal, boring cousin of a suit that it’s been for many years into a completely refreshed, eminently practical wardrobe essential.Closer to a coat today, with its generally softer and more pliant construction, the modern “sports coat” offers protection from the elements, a place for a phone, keys and glasses all while looking firmly grounded in the 21st century. Here are three looks, with pieces thatRead More
by Ed Bain, CHEK, 100.3 The Q! – Ed Bain is host of radio station 100.3 The Q! and weatherman and The Upside host for CHEK. His career in broadcasting began in Weyburn Saskatchewan in 1974; after moving to Vancouver Island, in 1987 he played “Start Me Up” as the very first song on new Victoria radio station The Q. He and his wife Bev (whom he calls a saint!) are parents to son Carson. “Gee Ed, I thought you’d have a nicer house,” a guy said to me whenRead More
by Anne Miller | photo by Janis Jean Photography – What do you want to be when you grow up? Greg Michell remembers this question from his high school career planning teacher, whom he answered with: “I already know what I’m going to be. A farmer. Should I just write that on my assignment?” Growing up on Michell’s Farm in Central Saanich, Greg’s early experience influenced him in positive ways. Greg’s life has been, and continues to be, about growing – food, knowledge, a business and his son, Luke, whoRead More
by Jo Barnes | photos courtesy Cascadia Seaweed – When it comes to farming, the magic happens under the ground. But with some farms, it takes place under the sea.Taking its name from the region where its product grows, Sidney’s Cascadia Seaweed is a new aquaculture business that is creating opportunities for coastal communities while becoming one of the largest local providers of cultivated ocean seaweed. “Seaweed is and has been growing in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. Cultivating it has economic, social, and environmental benefits,” shares BillRead More
by Heidi Hackman & Colleen McNamee, District Career Coordinators, SD 63photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography – While this month’s edition of Seaside Magazine is focused on Men to Watch, we decided to profile a female student who is making inroads in a male-dominated trade. Women currently make up just four percent of the electrical and construction trades. Celeste Huysmans is hoping to change this number and become a role model for other young women who want to become electricians. Celeste is a recent graduate from Claremont Secondary who is activelyRead More