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by Brooklyn Cribdon – The hummingbird is wise, courageous and determined; it symbolizes healing, beauty and creativity. It approaches life with flexibility and adaptability. But hummingbirds aren’t the only ones: students of the Individualized Learning Centre (ILC) share these same qualities, which is why the hummingbird is the perfect symbol for the library project happening at the Central Saanich ILC. The ILC is a secondary school within the Saanich School District (SD63), teaching grades nine through 12 at two main campuses and three satellite campuses across Saanich and the Peninsula.Read More
by Debra Lewis – While 2020 hasn’t been what we expected, some things remain unchanged – the cool, wet weather to come, for one. Not only will a new fall coat or jacket be one the biggest investments in your wardrobe, it will also be the first thing other people see for at least a couple of months. Choosing wisely is important – we want a coat or jacket that will keep us warm and dry in a West Coast fall and winter. We also want to purchase something thatRead More
story by Janice Henshaw, photos by Janis Jean Photography – Why does a homeowner decide to go to all the trouble and expense of adding a cottage to 0.99 of an acre in North Saanich? Sheila, a certified professional accountant and partner in Paterson Henn CPA, (Sidney) and her husband Serge Gabilondo, a sailboat rigger at Blackline Marine Inc. in Canoe Cove, decided to build the cottage as a vacation rental; it would create a solid investment for their retirement years. However, plans change and now they have family movingRead More
by Denny Warner – Executive Director, Saanich PeninsulaChamber of Commerce – Recent worldwide events have demonstrated the tremendous levels of resilience, creativity and persistence embodied in our business community. Clearly, it will take more than a pandemic to take down businesses on the Saanich Peninsula. Admittedly, the first month was rough. In mid-March, confusion and panic reigned as information was largely speculative. Early on, we realized our role at the Chamber would be to focus on three things: to curate and share the most current, accurate information about the pandemicRead More

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OFF THE VINE – The Business of Wine

Wine: Nature, climate, farming, chemistry, art, science and passion. Terroir. But it’s also business. by Tania Tomaszewska – As consumers, we often don’t focus on business decisions and pressures facing winery owners before that vino sees your glass. So many different elements are required behind the scenes to make this product. I’m often asked whether we get good value when buying B.C. bottles. Generally I think we do, especially when considering the local market context in which our producers are operating. It’s about looking at what it takes to physicallyRead More