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Posted On January 30, 2020By seasideIn Top Stories

Fitness Fun in Sidney!

by Stephanie Staples – I consider it one of life’s greatest pleasures to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that living on the Saanich Peninsula affords but I went on a little local indoor fitness quest and am delighted to report some pretty cool experiences that you may want to try too! So a biker goes into a ballet studio … Sounds like the start of a joke, but that was me as I entered Allegro Dance Studio and prepared to have my first ballet class. Expecting to meet aRead More

Posted On January 30, 2020By seasideIn Top Stories

A Love Story for All Ages

by Cassidy Nunn – Over the years of being a wedding and portrait photographer, I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with so many incredible couples. My favourite part is hearing their story: what brought them together, what keeps them together, and what they love most about each other. This month I met with three Peninsula-based couples of varying ages; I learned a bit about them as a duo as well as sought out their advice to maintaining a healthy relationship. I’m newly married myself, but my husband andRead More
by Jesse Holth – It’s everyone’s dream: a single outfit that takes you from the gym, to errands, to a night out, all while looking and feeling great. It’s no wonder that “athleisure” – clothing you can wear during both athletic activities and leisure activities – has become so popular. The recent phenomenon has been dubbed a fashion revolution, and it’s easy to see why: leggings have almost ubiquitously replaced pants; sneakers are no longer just for running; and casual, athletic-inspired streetwear is the new norm. So what athleisure trendsRead More
by Tania Tomaszewska – Wine touring in Mexico? You bet! Last month I was lucky to spend time in Querétero and San Miguel de Allende, about a three-hour drive north of Mexico City and in the corazon (heart) of Mexico. In this land of tequila, mezcal and beer, wine consumption and production has traditionally not been a huge part of Mexican life, but enthusiasm and investment are spurring growth in winemaking and enotourism here. Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California (near the U.S. border, just south of San Diego) isRead More
by Gillian Crowley – A long and fascinating journey has led Wendy Wickwire to discover an important but overlooked figure in B.C.’s history: James Teit was an ethnographer, hunting guide and friend of the Indigenous communities in the B.C. Interior and beyond. In 1977, Wendy started to record the songs and stories of Indigenous elders in the BC Interior as part of her history studies. Born in Nova Scotia, Wendy’s early immersion in music and later a degree in ethnomusicology led her eventually to Teit whose wax cylinder recordings ofRead More