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Seaside Homes: Mobility Issues in Our Home – Just Another Challenge!

by Janice Henshaw -  Time has outwitted some of us – we believed that if we exercised 150 minutes a week, ate reasonably, socialized just the right amount, and volunteered for good causes, we might stay forever young, forever fit. What a shock when a knee (or both!) gives out in the middle of an [...]

Home & Garden

One Thing, Three Ways – One Bed, Styled Three Ways

by Yanna King, Yanna King Interior Design -  I often get asked "How many pillows should be on a bed?" The answer is: It depends. Are you a minimalist, a maximalist or somewhere in between? Making a bed is easy; styling a bed is an artform. In order to achieve a pleasing result, you need [...]


First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson -  As the proud owner of Seaside Magazine, my team and I have had the privilege for the past 13 years of showcasing countless stories of love, adventure and the vibrant spirit of our seaside community. Yet, today, as I sit down to write this edition's opening, my heart is filled with [...]

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