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Taking Care of Our Future

story by Paula Kully, photo by Janis Jean Photography – Sidney’s new Community Safety Building is the largest public infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Town of Sidney. Upon its

May 31, 2019
2019 Men to Watch
May 31, 2019

Home & Garden

Seaside Homes – Outdoor Kitchens: Oh How They’ve Changed!

by Janice Henshaw – A Tidman Construction project. Photo by Vince Klassen – There’s nothing quite like the smell of barbecued food wafting along on a warm summer breeze. How

May 31, 2019



First Word with Sue Hodgson

I recently spoke at a Sidney-by-the-Sea Rotary Club meeting. A considerable sized group of about 60 plus members were in attendance and I was extremely humbled by all the lovely

May 31, 2019

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