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Stories from the Sky

  by Jo Barnes –  “The Victoria International Airport is a busy place where people come and go as daily flights arrive and depart. Travellers move with determination to make connections or wait anxiously for loved ones to arrive. Airports are places of joy and sadness, departures and reunions. Everyone has a story, and it’s here that we’ll be sharing some of them.“ Just a few years ago, people travelling long distances had to depend on a travel agent to arrange their accommodation, usually in some sort of hotel. NowRead More

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Restaurant Techniques for the Home Kitchen

by Chris Cowland –  I am an unabashed carnivore. To that end, during my travels, I adore discovering small, intimate restaurants where the specialty is beef. On a trip to Port Angeles a few years ago, I hit gold. “Prime rib special all week” lured me off the highway, and the menu would have caused a riot if a busload of vegans had walked in. Creating the perfect roast of beef has always been a challenge for me. Leave it too long and you end up with a grey brick;Read More
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The Light Side: Confessions of a Gourmand

by Craig Campbell –  I well remember when I fell in love with food and its companion, drink; it was the day I was born, thus out of necessity a combination meal at the time being both food and drink. “Great Demeter, goddess of food,” I thought, “this is the most wonderful moment of my entire life!” That, and the poop I had shortly after, made it a perfect first day. I was an active child (a successive string of doctors used more complicated terms) and thankfully never gained weight,Read More

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Can We Talk

Owner / Publisher Sue Hodgson Chats with Sheri and George Braun, Owners of The Olive Farm on Salt Spring Island There are very few locations in Canada that could even begin to provide the growing needs for good quality and high quantities of olive fruit. What makes Salt Spring Island a desirable place to launch your business, and what have been some of the difficulties in doing so in this area? When we finally decided on growing olives right here in Canada, we started off looking for a location with aRead More

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Farming Harmony: Haliburton EcoFarm School

by Emily Olsen –  On a second tour of Haliburton Farm with EcoFarm School Instructors Elmarie Roberts and Rhona McAdam, I decide to bring my nine-year-old son Silas along with me. Enamoured by my first visit, led by Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society (HCOFS) member and EcoFarm School Coordinator Ann Eastman, I want my son to experience this place. Ann admits: “People want to grow food, to farm, but are so disconnected from our food systems, they just don’t know where to begin. Generations of sustainable food growing knowledge areRead More