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  by Jo Barnes –  I feel like a kid again. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m in a good mood. No, these are not paid testimonials from a chiropractor’s brochure; these are real comments from real people of all ages who have discovered the rewards of regular fitness. Some want challenge or to improve their health; others want to be part of a community. But regardless of age or stage of life, all agree that regular exercise makes a huge difference. Emily van der Kamp (30) started rowing six-and-a-halfRead More
by Krista Enderud –  We have all heard the slogan “sitting is the new smoking” and know the risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but with our nonstop, busy lives how do we fit the added task of exercise onto our ever-growing to-do list? The question is, how can we afford not to? We live in a world where everything is fast, convenient and available at the touch of a screen, making it easier to sit and harder to move. With all of these advancements, we still don’t seemRead More

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Adapting Fitness for Every Body

by Paula Kully –  People are designed to move; no matter our age, size or physical capabilities, our bodies and minds work best when we have regular exercise. Laura Guido (above, with client Martin Olson) is the Gym Coordinator and Athletic Therapist at MOVE Adaptive Fitness in Victoria. She believes that fitness for people with disabilities is something that is becoming more recognized, popular, and in demand – and MOVE is providing programs to meet these demands. MOVE opened its doors in 2013 with a vision to empower people withRead More

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Death on Your Own Terms: Choosing the Time

by Laurie Salvador, Salvador Davis & Co. Notaries Public –  During my career as a Notary for the past 31 years, 95% of my clients would ask if they could stipulate, in writing, that they don’t wish to continue to live if they are incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves. Like me, they have no interest in living if they are a burden to family and society. Finally, after years of debate, we have legislation that allows competent adults who are suffering from chronic incurable pain to ask aRead More
by Laurie Salvador, Salvador Davis & Co. Notaries Public –  In the past 30-some-odd years I have had the distinct honour of being chosen to take care of elderly clients’ affairs. This is probably due to the longevity of our firm’s presence in the community and our reputation for honesty and integrity. I have been power of attorney for many clients, and executrix for many more. My pet peeve is elder abuse, and I have seen some pretty unsavoury situations. More often than not, the abuser is dependent on theRead More