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by Janice Henshaw –  “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” So said Elbert Hubbard in 1898. In thinking of those words, do you sometimes wonder who in our community is willing to face criticism and rise to the challenge of planning for future growth on the Peninsula? And what their plans are? Evan Peterson, the owner of Barefoot Planning, a Victoria-based planning and urban design consultancy, believes that our communities are facing a number of extraordinary challenges, including an “unprecedented housing crunch and the small matter ofRead More

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November 11th: Remembrance & Relevance

by Jo Barnes –  “He was my age!” These words from a Scout reflect how the themes and messages of Remembrance Day can still come alive for today’s youth. But how do we keep telling the stories of the World Wars and military history and keep it relevant for the younger generation? “It’s important to put things into context for youth and to help them understand the sacrifice people make in order to prevent genocide or keep peace,” shares Ross Benton, National Volunteer Services Team, Scouts Canada. For some youth, theyRead More
Parkland Secondary is excited about our innovative technology programs that are creating new experiences and opportunities for our students. From coding, to computer hardware, virtual reality, drones, computer-aided design, marine science technology, 3D printing, astronomy, technology clubs and many more practical applications of technology, Parkland is preparing our students for many opportunities ahead! The entire Parkland community has been working hard to build innovative programs and classes that will prepare students for 21st Century opportunities. Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been incredibly supportive of all of our activities. ParklandRead More
by Doreen Marion Gee –  December 2: Family Discover Scuba. Exciting scuba-diving fun for the whole family with an introduction to this aquatic world in a PADI “discover scuba” program. Shallow water. 4 to 5 p.m. 8 yrs+. $40. Saanich Commonwealth Place – Rockfish Divers. Register: 250-475-7600. December 3: Sea Shirt Sunday. Create your own ocean-themed fashion T-shirt, pillow or bag. Bring pillow case, cloth bag or T-shirt (white shirts available for purchase). $2 for fabric paint. 1 to 3 p.m. All ages. Regular admission; passes and memberships accepted.Read More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by –  Why move from Deep Cove to Sidney? “It was time for a change,” said Simon Kirk. “Everyone wants a new home, right?” Simon was tired of spending four hours each Saturday mowing his acreage in Deep Cove, and he was fed up with all the maintenance chores that come with owning an aging wood house. At first, it had been fun, but after a while, it all became rather tedious. “Having a big yard to kick around a soccer ballRead More