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story by Janice Henshaw | photography by Nunn Other Photography – Can you imagine living in a space that is 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide – approximately 350 square feet? Try measuring it out somewhere in your home or outside on the lawn to get a good idea of what a tiny home of that size feels like. Add in some cabinets, a bathroom and a kitchen, all of which take up floor space. Start deciding what possessions you would have to give up to fit into thatRead More

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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Ah, innovation! To break from the old and usher in the new: a new watch or phone, a new battery, a new art form, the next clean energy source, a new potato slicer. The world economy and humankind thrive on innovation. It changes lives and history, it brought the Industrial Revolution, automobiles, electricity, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll and generally delivered us into prosperity. There is a common perception of innovation as some kind of immaculate conception, where mysterious “a-ha” moments are immediately realized as game-changing things of beauty. Ok,Read More

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Changes Coming to Sidney Visitor Services

Following a competitive bidding process, the Town of Sidney recently awarded the management of the Sidney Visitor Information Centre to the Sidney Business Improvement Area (Sidney BIA). “We couldn’t be happier,” says Donna Petrie, Executive Director of the Sidney BIA. “This will not only enable us to enhance our mandate to attract people to Sidney, it will allow us to introduce a number of innovations to assist visitors before they arrive and during their stay.” Funding for the Visitor Information Centre will come from the Town of Sidney and DestinationRead More
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Technology That Warms the Heart

by Shannon Donnelly, Broadmead Care –  At Broadmead Care, different specialized equipment and technology are used every day to help provide the greatest comfort and care to residents, but you wouldn’t always notice it. It’s small items like the iPods used in the Music & Memory Program to provide personalized music for dementia patients, bridging the gap for loved ones through the power of music; the electronic overhead lifts that provide comfort and ease of movement for residents and staff; or one of the simplest: blanket warming cabinets. These blanketRead More

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Salish Sea News: Webcams for Wildlife

by Tina Kelly –  Sea lions, wolves and whales, oh my! Watching these animals in their own environment from the comfort of your home is possible due to improvements in technology including, and maybe most importantly, water and weatherproof camera housing. Now is the time to visit Hancock Wildlife (www.hancockwildlife.org) and dunk beneath the surface of the Chehalis River for the annual salmon spawn. Bookmark this site and head back for a look in the spring when you get a bird’s eye view of bald eagle courtship, and egg laying,Read More