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by Janice Henshaw – As Canadians, we love our personal space, right? So much so that our new homes have doubled in size since the 1970s, while at the same time our family size has decreased. Why do we need such large homes? Well, one answer to this question is “Because we can.”  At the other end of the spectrum are tiny homes on wheels, homes for people who would rather live simply without the burden of a huge mortgage. In comparing sizes, several tiny homes could fit into theRead More

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Flavour Trails, Reimagined

by Jennifer Ashleigh – If you are a Peninsula local, then you will likely know of the popular North Saanich Flavour Trails festival, traditionally held over one jam-packed weekend in high August when you can (quite literally) smell blackberries ripe on the vine. This festival is envisioned as a “self-guided rural ramble” where farms and food providers invite the public in to sample the flavours, take tours, ask questions, and get to know the incredible growers of this region. It is a firm Peninsula favourite, and up to 3,500 peopleRead More
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How Will You Celebrate Canada Day?

by Paula Kully – As COVID 19 has put a stop to any large gatherings, including Canada Day events, I asked some friends and colleagues how they will be celebrating our Nation’s Birthday this year. Peter Godwin Chance Peter served with the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII and will be celebrating his 100th birthday this November!  “I would very much like to be a part of the Parade down Beacon Avenue. I will dress up in my Blazer and Gongs with the latest French Legion of Honour Medal in theRead More
While the province transitions forward with lifting restrictions and businesses reopen, we are seeing ourselves reintegrate back into society with a fresh perspective, renewed gratitude for our social circles and beloved institutions, and perhaps a couple of extra pounds and longer locks than we entered into quarantine with.  This time has presented us the opportunity to take a step back from our regular routines, embrace more of our natural side, and retire our restrictive button-fly bottoms in favour of drawstrings and elastic waistbands.  As a local retail business owner, I haveRead More
by Deborah Rogers – Doesn’t the beginning of March feel like a lifetime ago? Back then the weather was still pretty chilly, but now we are fully into summer and ready to enjoy our Peninsula playground. I was dreaming up a Deb’s Day Out that would make readers feel inspired to get out and explore in a new way.  At 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, a beautiful shiny vehicle pulled noiselessly onto my driveway. I’d been looking out the window to get a first glimpse. Then, like a sceneRead More