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Advice from Our 2018 Professionals Winners

photo by Nunn Other Photography – Who better to give advice to local businesspeople than other local business people? Here, Seaside Magazine asks last year’s Professionals winners to share some thoughts on the importance of their award category to their business. Winner: Customer Service. Courtney Thomas, Quince Café & Ice Cream. Thank you to the readers of Seaside Magazine for awarding us with the Customer Service award! It is truly an honour to be recognized for something that we work hard on every day at Quince. For myself, customer serviceRead More

Posted On October 3, 2019By seasideIn Top Stories

Artist Robert Bateman: Feeling Like a Bear

by Doreen Marion Gee – How does he do it? is always my first thought whenever I gaze at a Robert Bateman painting. The raw power of a bald eagle in flight or the cool aplomb of regal swans are so impeccably portrayed, the creatures seem brushed by a heavenly hand. The results are elegant noble creatures of excruciating beauty. Robert’s paintings seem inspired by a sense of awe at the glory of the natural world, combined with an impassioned reverence for it. Though I would never assume to knowRead More
by Jesse Holth – According to recent studies, over a third of adults – and more than half of millennials – have what is called a “Side Hustle.” Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of passion, these entrepreneurs are taking the reins into their own hands and becoming small business owners. Erin Young, of Young & Barrel Designs, is a schoolteacher by day – but she also creates custom farmhouse-style signs. “I’ve always had a passion for home décor,” she says, describing how her interest was piqued about five yearsRead More
by Janice Henshaw – When you think of modern office design, do you think of smart acoustics, living walls of green plants, control over your own level of lighting and heating, hammocks for hanging out, used gondolas for meeting rooms? Or do you think of people fixated on their computer screens in rooms with no windows, sound problems, and an aesthetic that largely resembles a large closet? Or how about rows of fluorescent-lit, beige cubicles with people filed anonymously away until they depart for the day? Flexible work arrangements, technologicalRead More

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Corn on the Cob Three Ways

by Jenni & Brendan Brown, Harvest Rd Farm to Table Grill – The Saanich Peninsula is widely recognized for producing the best vegetables on Vancouver Island, yet despite knowing this, we’re always stunned by the incredible flavour of the fresh corn grown on the Saanich Peninsula. Regardless of which side of the Pat Bay Highway you choose for your corn shopping, you are sure to be awestruck by the flavour and freshness. We are currently serving fresh picked corn on the cob from Michell’s Farm with all of our mainRead More