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by Jesse Holth – With many of us working from home right now, it’s never been easier – or more tempting – to stay in our PJs all day long. While we might have to get dressed for the occasional video call, there are plenty of options for loungewear that will keep us looking professional and polished. Comfort is the top priority as we hunker down for the cold winter and spend extra time indoors during the second wave of COVID-19. What’s everyone wearing? Sweatpants. These aren’t the huge, baggyRead More
by Joan Saunders & Tania Tomaszewska – Celebrations may look quite different this year, but we can still take the time to mark the season and plan a festive atmosphere. Pull out the sparkly glasses, linen tablecloth and pretty plates and set the scene. Light some candles, pick up a bottle of bubbly or try a new type of wine. It may not be exactly what we are used to, but we can, nevertheless, create some special memories. One of my favourite ways to shape a holiday atmosphere is withRead More
by Deborah Rogers – So many of my friends have commented this year that their Christmas shopping is going to be different. They’re more concerned than ever about supporting locally owned businesses; they don’t want to deal with lineups and crowds at the big box stores or malls, and if 2020 has taught them anything it’s that we don’t need more stuff in our lives. This all sounds great to me, but despite everything, or maybe because of it, I still want to celebrate Christmas this year, with decorations andRead More
story by Janice Henshaw & photos by Janis Jean Photography – Piers Island is a 250-acre private Gulf Island situated between Colburne Passage and Satellite Channel. If you are travelling by ferry from Swartz Bay north to Tsawwassen, Piers Island is on your right as you leave the ferry dock. There is one perimeter road called McKenzie Crescent. Residents walk, bike, ride horses, or drive electric golf carts – there are no cars, and no stores. The Island is divided into 131 properties of which 128 are oceanfront; three largerRead More
by Karen Elgersma – Lillian Underwood is an Employment and Training Service Manager for the Tsawout First Nation, an entrepreneur, a facilitator and “Train the Trainer” of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE). She is also a certified executive coach and a motivational speaker with Through sharing her personal journey, Lillian communicates how she overcame childhood abuse, phobias, lack of self-worth and overwhelming debt to live today debt-free and empower others to live their dreams. Lillian’s story will inspire hope in every heart that is open to change. She isRead More