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28 Healthy Ideas from Seaside Magazine

1. A HIGH POWERED BLENDER The number of healthy items you can make with a blender are endless, including protein shakes, soups and sauces 2. FREEKEH (pronounced ‘free-ka”) THE NEXT HOT SUPER GRAIN A versatile superfood packed with nutrition and health benefits with fewer calories than rice and three times as much fiber, plus protein and antioxidants. 3. DRINK 3 LITRES OF WATER A DAY Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up 60% of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water e.g. carrying nutrients to yourRead More
Most people have never heard of neuroblastoma, so before you read on about Jordan Hopkins and his story I thought it would be prudent to explain to our readers what it is. Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that almost always affects infants and young children under five years of age and is usually the most common type of cancer in infants.  It is a disease in which a solid tumor (a lump or mass caused by uncontrollable or abnormal cell growth) is formed by special nerve cells calledRead More
–  by Doreen Marion Gee – Please visit respective rec centre websites for further programming and registration information MARCH March 16 to 20: Free Swimming Lessons Kids are needed to help budding swimming instructors learn their skills. The lessons are part of the Water Safety Instructor Course. All trainees are supervised. 3 – 14 yrs. Register for one session only. Each session is same 1/2 hr. slot between 3.30 & 5.30 p.m., Mon-Fri. 5/$5. Panorama Recreation Pool. 250.656.7271.  March 21: Panorama Presents: Guardians of the Galaxy (PG) Watch Peter Quill and his strange friendsRead More
  – story by Barry Mathias, photography by – Seaside Investigates Peninsula Housing Challenges and Solutions … International housing affordability survey ‘Demographia – 2015’ rated the Greater Victoria region as the second most expensive place to live in Canada. Housing was certainly on the agenda for many at recent local elections. We asked writer Barry Mathias to investigate the challenges, and solutions that affect our market here on the Peninsula. The first report in the series looks at the Town of Sidney. For the majority of people their homeRead More
There is no time like the present to get a handle on your personal finances. Regardless of your age or income there are many ways that good financial planning can benefit you, both in the short-term, and the long-term. Statistics show that many Canadians are living with increasing levels of debt, and without a clear financial action plan. If you don’t have all the answers at your fingertips, your first step towards a more secure future should be to take advice from an expert. Professionals will work with you toRead More