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by Gael Hannan – Going for a walk is one of the few pleasurable, allowable activities outside our homes during the pandemic, so we are lucky to live on a peninsula so be-ribboned with beautiful places to hike. Some trails are narrower, hidden treasures where you encounter few people. Other trails are more well known and well worn with people – and dogs. Is it only me, but does Saanich seem to have more dogs than anywhere else? Sometimes, it’s like hiking upstream through a woodland best-of-breed show, a constantRead More

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GLOBEHOPPING – French Polynesia

by Cassidy Nunn – I wouldn’t consider myself a “boat person.” Aside from my yearly speed boat ride with friends on Sproat Lake, the nautical lifestyle isn’t a part of my family history. I’d never spent a night on a vessel before last April when we (my soon-to-be-husband, his parents and brother) embarked on a 14-day adventure in French Polynesia. Our home for the two weeks: a 40-foot catamaran complete with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a kayak, stand-up paddle board, fishing rods andRead More
story by Janice Henshaw, photos by Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop – What is the best thing to do when your home is looking tired and out-of-date? Put up a “For Sale” sign and move to another home? Ignore the faded colours and saggy furniture and be happy that your bank account doesn’t have to take a hefty hit? Or renovate? This can simply mean a fresh coat of paint, a new couch, fresh flowers and new pillows, or … a major makeover. Susan and Richard had lived inRead More

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Globehopping – Madagascar

by Bob Orchard – Madagascar! What comes to your mind? Many of us we think of Disney’s Madagascar films; I just rewatched the first one and it was hilarious and yes there’s lots of lemurs in the movie. My main reason for going to Madagascar was to see the lemurs and chameleons before all the forest cover is gone – 90% of it has already disappeared. Madagascar is located about 400 kilometres off the southeast coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world, measuring approximately 1,114Read More
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