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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Everyone has a story! It’s our Kids Issue for August and we have lots for you to peruse! After reading Shauna Dorko’s column (pg 28), “Chasing the Golden Years,” so many memories came back to me about my relationship with my grandparents. Shauna says: “There’s no doubt about it … kids and seniors are intrinsically linked, just like summer and ice cream. Their connection is deep, heartfelt and one we can all learn from.” When I moved here about 30 years ago from the Maritimes, I was fortunate enough toRead More
  by Susi McMillan –  For All Soles Kids’ Runners starting at $59. Hypersport Activewear. 250.656.6161. Let Them “PAC” For You! School Supply Shopping Service. Competitive prices. Monk Office. Cool Fuel! Organic Cotton Lunch Bags. $19.99. Buddies Toys. Head to Toe Style! Girl: top $69.99; jeans $109.99; shoes $79.99. Boy: top $49.99; jeans $108; shoes $89.99. Cottons & Blues. 250.656.6933. Headphones $27.59. Under Cover The newest trend for your pencil case. $26.99. Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials. Breakfast Culture! Babe’s Honey Farm Raw Honey Kombucha $5.24 – $9.99.Read More
by Paula Kully –  The Saanich Peninsula is a veritable playground of fun, kid-friendly activities. Besides the usual soccer, baseball, t-ball and lacrosse, you can find some unusual and engaging options to keep the young people in your life busy during the summer and all year long. With the Salish Sea at our door, what could be more enticing and appropriate than sailing? The Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club offers Summer camps during July and August. Classes range from basic to advanced and follow the CANSail program, Canada’s updated sailorRead More

Posted On July 27, 2017By seasideIn Regulars

Salish Sea News: Nature’s Summer Schoolyard

by Tina Kelly –  Only one month and counting until the beginning of a new school year; it’s hard to believe summer is half over after the sunny weather’s tardy arrival. One month may seem like an insignificant amount of time in the spectrum of a 12-month year, but we’re here to remind you just how much fun and adventure you can squeeze in before the sound of a textbook’s cracking spine greets you in September. Alongside the obvious summer adventures – swimming, skim-boarding, kayaking and hiking – there areRead More
by Dr. Florence Fernet-Leclair, Central Saanich Optometry –  Early intervention in childhood eyecare is key. In order to explain this, let’s look at a problem which has reached true epidemic proportions worldwide: myopia (also known as nearsightedness). Myopia occurs when the light from far objects focuses in front of the retina rather than directly on it, resulting in blurred distance vision. In the U.S., myopia in children has doubled over the course of just a single generation. In certain countries of Asia, the myopia crisis affects up to 90% of youngRead More