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by Shannon Hall, AnamCara Spa + Beauty Bar –  Spring cleaning time! Spring cleaning your skincare is as important as decluttering your home or detoxifying your body.  Let’s begin in your own bathroom (take this article with you).  Keep or toss? Just like your food, your skin care products expire, rendering them to be useless or even damaging to your skin. If you can’t remember when you purchased it, toss it! Do you really use all the products you own? If you don’t have a NEED for that product, itRead More
by Dr. Elli Reilander, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic –  A woman’s hormonal system is an intricate communication system between your brain, ovaries and adrenal glands. These chemical messengers control an incredible number of biological processes in the body! They can impact everything from how you sleep and how you gain weight to how well you remember where you put your keys. When there are imbalances in this system, we can experience an array of symptoms – hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irregular periods … the list goes on! Nutrition canRead More
by Viola Van de Ruyt, VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group –  Divorce can change your retirement plans and your lifestyle expectations. With an aging population, many newly retired couples are facing “grey divorce” which lacks the working years to recover from. In dealing with many clients over the years who have gone through life transitions such as death and divorce, I have found that logical decisions often do not prevail. Emotions are entwined very closely in financial decisions, and none more strongly than in divorce. These range from anger over theRead More
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by Paula Kully –  THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES Digging Up Bones – Or Should We Say Stones? At the end of February, Sidney said goodbye to Mineral World and the Scratch Patch, a long-standing, family attraction on the waterfront that was both educational and fun. Mineral World operated for more than 20 years in a section of the building which now houses Victoria Distillers. In 2014, they closed and reopened under new ownership in 2016 in their most recent location on Seaport Place. Mineral World offered a unique selection ofRead More

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Deb’s Day Out – The Best Laid Plans!

by Deborah Rogers –  You know I like to get out and try new things, and I had all best intentions of a new activity at a new venue for this month’s Day Out. Well, best laid plans … the weather interrupted things, and my Day Out became a Day IN! I’ve seen it referred to as #snowmaggedon, and certainly the snow in February was out of the ordinary for our temperate Island. I’ll admit, I was excited when the forecast predicted unusual accumulations of the white stuff. It neverRead More