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  story by Janice Henshaw | exterior photography by Jody Beck –  From the rooftop terrace of Bob and Brenda’s home, the northern view of Robert’s Bay contains contrasting shades of the sky, islands and the sea. A blue heron flies by at eye level, followed by a V-formation of honking Canada geese. An enormous white wake curls up onto the beach from a speeding powerboat. In vivid contrast is the large painting by artist Blythe Scott, of Robert’s Bay, hanging inside on the living room wall. The painting invitesRead More
by Bianca Bodley, Biophilia Design Collective LTD. –  A great landscape that will stand the test of time is both sustainable and attractive. In its creation, the designer should consider water conservation and habitat creation for birds and insects while at the same time creating a landscape that is unique, distinct, attractive, and complements the architecture and personality of the buildings it surrounds. The landscape is not only an extension of the home but should be seen as a continuous system with the home in order to be as sustainableRead More
by Cam McLennan, Island Pro Mowing and Landscaping Inc. –  With all of that wintery weather now behind us we are on the path to a sunny and warm spring and it’s time to start thinking about getting our yards and gardens into shape for the season! Here are a few tips to get your property back into shape. Tree Trimming. It’s easier to take care of tree pruning when the leaves are still beginning to grow. This makes it easier to spot the dead branches as they won’t haveRead More
by Tracey Jones – Remarkable Interiors & Stacey Kaminski – Styles by Stacey | photos by www.nuttycake.com –  1 Know Your Colour Palette! 10-30-60. Create flow by choosing one colour for the main living areas (60%), then shades and tones of that colour in adjacent rooms and furniture (30%) and an accent color to finish the space – usually décor pieces (10%). When you do this first, decorating is much easier. 2 Edit! The key to understanding design and décor is knowing when enough is enough. All furniture, art and accessories requireRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by www.nuttycake.com –  The nights are still long, the days short and grey. Snowbirds are Facebooking and emailing stories of the good life that include sun and surf. What can we stay-at-homers do to give our spirits a lift? Well, we can design and decorate! Now is the time to take a good look at our homes and pick a project or two to tackle before spring arrives. Once they are done, we can plan a dinner party and enjoy accolades from ourRead More