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Posted On December 29, 2017By seasideIn Home & Garden, Top Stories

Seaside Homes: New Year, Fresh New Look

  text & styling by tracey jones & stacey kaminski | nuttycake.com photos –  Seaside’s publisher recently downsized and thought the New Year was the perfect time to start fresh with a new look! She asked local design duo, Tracey Jones of Remarkable Interiors and Stacey Kaminski of Styles by Stacey, to put her on the right path to a bright new space. Mostly using items that Sue already owned, the main living, kitchen and eat-in areas were redesigned. The original furniture layout just didnt have a cosy, connected feel. SeparatingRead More
by Matt Hall, Wildwood Nursery –  Is your New Year’s resolution a renewed yard? Does the thought of landscaping fill you with more dread than hitting the gym? Is it 100% because of the cost? Don’t worry! If a DIY streak runs through you, here are some tips to help you keep your garden installation costs down. Understand your abilities. Moving soil and digging holes isn’t rocket science, so even a gardening neophyte can carry some of the landscaping duties to cut costs. That being said: there are some tasks whereRead More
by Chantelle McLarty, CM Interior Design –  Scale and proportion are often overlooked but are a crital element in design. When designing a space, it is important to consider the relationship between objects while keeping in mind scale and proportion. Designers need to consider, and are often asked, what is the most functional and properly-sized furniture that will work best in a space to create a sucessful design. In residential interior design, scale relates to the size of an object compared with the space it occupies, while proportion is concerned withRead More
  by Janice Henshaw –  Does the prospect of decorating your home for the holidays send a shiver of excitement down your spine in September? Do you plan for the big event 12 months of the year, hitting Boxing Day and clear-out sales? Or do you wait for the last possible moment to rip open the brown packing boxes from last year, straighten the tinsel and decorate the tree, all while baking cookies and putting dinner on the table? Your holiday decorating style (if you have one) may indeed say somethingRead More
by Linda Petite, Horticulture Centre of the Pacific –  Fresh holiday decorations not only make your home look festive,but they also surround your living space with wonderful scents. The evergreen fir has been traditionally used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. Pagans used branches to decorate their homes during Winter Solstice while Romans used trees to decorate their temples. Christians used it as a sign of everlasting life with God. Historical evidence of the decoration of trees at Christmas dates from Riga, Latvia in 1510. Descriptions of German ChristmasRead More