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Posted On March 31, 2017By seasideIn Home & Garden, Top Stories

Go Green. Green Tips for Your Home

  by Janice Henshaw – Many of us are committed to cycling and walking instead of using our cars whenever we can. We support local farmers or grow our food, and have lowered the temperature of our water heaters and furnaces. We have installed low-flow showerheads, and when replacing an appliance, we choose one with an efficient ENERGY STAR rating. However, there are still steps we can take to reduce our environmental footprint. In our homes, we can tackle projects such as insulating our basements and attics, applying weather strippingRead More

Posted On March 31, 2017By seasideIn Home & Garden

On Design: Living Small in a Big Way

by Krista Rossato, id8 Design – The idea of a simple life is glorified by those cute and intricately designed, space-conscious, caravan-styled homes that are found in pastoral settings. Regardless of whether you are personally suited for a few hundred square feet of space, living small is about choosing our surroundings to be purposeful in every way. There are many reasons to live small. Environmental: A smaller personal footprint has less impact on our planet; Financial: Less stuff means less maintenance, fewer replacements and more money in your pocketbook; andRead More
Seaside Magazine Bird
by Matt Hall, Wildwood Nursery – Home beekeeping is at an all-time high and gaining popularity every year due to the growing awareness and appreciation of the significant bond between bees and our food supply. I’ll admit: having honeybee hives just isn’t feasible for most homeowners. That’s why many Vancouver Islanders are turning to the keeping of mason bees as pollinators but also as an inexpensive, educational and fun hobby that anyone can do. Mason bees are a group of over 100 species of bee that don’t live in aRead More
by Jo Barnes – When you walk along a beach, you leave a footprint in the sand. When you build a house, the footprint becomes the foundation. But where do those footprints lead you? What have you built on that foundation? Maybe you want to build a different footprint entirely. Two Saanich Peninsula residents who crossed paths have joined their efforts and vision in pursuit of a unique community footprint called cohousing. “I am interested in looking at how we make a community. I’m interesting in gathering together like-minded friends,” saysRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | exterior photography by Jody Beck –  From the rooftop terrace of Bob and Brenda’s home, the northern view of Robert’s Bay contains contrasting shades of the sky, islands and the sea. A blue heron flies by at eye level, followed by a V-formation of honking Canada geese. An enormous white wake curls up onto the beach from a speeding powerboat. In vivid contrast is the large painting by artist Blythe Scott, of Robert’s Bay, hanging inside on the living room wall. The painting invitesRead More