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by Muffet Billiard-Leake, Muffet & Louisa; and Margot Wilson, Dig This Sidney – Summer is here – most of us want to open the doors and move our living and entertaining to the patio, garden, deck or even roof top. Transforming our outside space to a comfortable and welcoming extra room without walls can be a challenge, but it’s easier if you keep in mind the space you have and what you plan to do in your garden room. Do you have space for entertaining, family meals and a quiet havenRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Geoff Hobson Photography courtesy LIDA Homes – The Bourne Terrace home of Jan and Grace has an elegant curb appeal. Built next to the Sidney Centre for Plant Health in North Saanich, it has an expansive view of green fields to the north, and ocean to the east. Palm trees and edged gardens of spring bulbs, rhododendrons, and an interesting variety of flowers, vegetables and other young trees add beauty and texture to the sloping half-acre terraced lot. Privacy is assured byRead More
by Matt Hall, Red Feather Horticulture –  Other than deer, there isn’t an animal that creates more gardening headaches than the family dog. Whether they are digging, chewing or trampling, it’s hard to control that force of horticultural destruction we call “Fido.” That said: here are a few tricks and tips that can help you achieve balance in your garden (with your dog). Lawn. If it wasn’t hard enough keeping a healthy lawn in our climate, then adding a dog to it makes it downright impossible. Using a more ruggedRead More
  Story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Nunn Other Photography –  “Hark, now hear the sailors cry / Smell the sea, and feel the sky / Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic … ” – Van Morrison Have you ever dreamed of living aboard a boat? Watching the sun sink into the ocean from your deck as seals with curious eyes and long whiskers pop up to check you out, and seagulls and eagles fly overhead as they search for their last meal of the day?Read More
by Solara Goldwynn, Hatchet & Seed –  Although almost any time of year is a good time to garden here on the West Coast, April is that special month when soil temperatures warm up and things really begin to grow. Seeds germinate quickly, fruit trees begin to bloom and the garden literally comes alive with the buzz of pollinators. The concept of edible landscaping, or cultivating food around human habitat, is nothing new. Humans have been growing food around their dwellings in all cultures and places for a very longRead More