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story by Janice Henshaw | photography by Nunn Other Photography – Can you imagine living in a space that is 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide – approximately 350 square feet? Try measuring it out somewhere in your home or outside on the lawn to get a good idea of what a tiny home of that size feels like. Add in some cabinets, a bathroom and a kitchen, all of which take up floor space. Start deciding what possessions you would have to give up to fit into thatRead More
by Tracey Jones and Stacey Kaminski – Downsize … it’s what we are doing. Less financial burden with a smaller eco footprint. Living with less and doing more. Condo and micro loft living, tiny homes … the list goes on. Making the most of your small space is easy with some clever design tricks. One of the easiest ways to make a small space feel larger is to keep the palette neutral, and light. This creates flow from room to room and appears less choppy. Another visual trick to createRead More
by Hayley Zumkeller, WES-TECH Irrigation Systems Ltd. In 2018, the weather station in Victoria saw its driest July in nearly 120 years. It had recorded zero millimetres of rain all month, breaking records for both heat and dryness. It is extremely likely that this July will show a similar pattern of drought conditions. This matters. We need to be able to protect our lawns and gardens without it costing an arm and a leg. Once plants are not taken care of, they may not always grow back. Smart Irrigation MonthRead More
By Stu Rhodes – As the construction of the Saanich Carpentry program’s tiny house draws to a close, it’s generating a lot of interest and excitement. Excitement about the project may only be eclipsed by the accomplishments of the students in this unique program. Over the past five months students spent three days per week engaged in comprehensive technical training at Saanichton Individual Learning Centre (ILC) where they put theory into practise as they constructed a tiny house as their class project. During the other two days students participated in aRead More
Story by Janice Henshaw, photos by Nunn Other Photography – If you were planning to build a new home, imagine how excited you would be to see a super-promising lot come up for sale in beautiful West Saanich. But when you arrive at the lot you find a bog on the lower level and a steep climb to the upper level that turns out to be pretty much all rock-solid bedrock, no less. Most likely you would give it a pass. Wouldn’t anyone? Not so for Aaron Wing, who worksRead More