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story by Janice Henshaw & photos by Janis Jean Photography – Piers Island is a 250-acre private Gulf Island situated between Colburne Passage and Satellite Channel. If you are travelling by ferry from Swartz Bay north to Tsawwassen, Piers Island is on your right as you leave the ferry dock. There is one perimeter road called McKenzie Crescent. Residents walk, bike, ride horses, or drive electric golf carts – there are no cars, and no stores. The Island is divided into 131 properties of which 128 are oceanfront; three largerRead More
story by Janice Henshaw – Sometimes we need a break from our usual activities, especially this winter! So how about planning a cool home reno project? As we spend more time in our homes, reinventing our personal space becomes more of a priority. And it can be super fun! The first step is to carefully assess our home – what looks good, what is outdated, what do we like, what do we need, what makes us cringe? Energy Efficient Upgrades Good news! There are rebates available to help with upgrades.Read More
story by Janice Henshaw, photos by Janis Jean Photography – Why does a homeowner decide to go to all the trouble and expense of adding a cottage to 0.99 of an acre in North Saanich? Sheila, a certified professional accountant and partner in Paterson Henn CPA, (Sidney) and her husband Serge Gabilondo, a sailboat rigger at Blackline Marine Inc. in Canoe Cove, decided to build the cottage as a vacation rental; it would create a solid investment for their retirement years. However, plans change and now they have family movingRead More
story by Janice Henshawphotos by Janis Jean Photography – Don’t you love meeting people whose eyes sparkle with excitement when they talk about what they do? Artist Karen Lancey displays this captivating enthusiasm as she describes the whimsical metal sculptures she creates out of the “stuff” that many of us dispose of in metal recycling bins. Karen’s “treasures” include rusty saw blades, seized wrenches, springs, pipes, keys, hand saws, crushed toolboxes, car parts, and all sorts of other unidentifiable metal bits and pieces. “Sometimes there’s just so many gifts, right?Read More
by Chris Sigurdson – Peninsula Landscape Supplies – This summer when most of my plants were at their peak, I noticed overcrowding, voids and plants not performing due to specific environmental conditions in my yard. Time to change it up! I have a plan of perennials requiring dividing, shrubs that need relocating, and additional trees and shrubs to incorporate into the landscape. With fall approaching, it’s a perfect time to transplant as plants are nearing dormancy, or dormant. Ultimately, your success will rely on the care that you take toRead More