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story by Janice Henshawphotos by Janis Jean Photography – Don’t you love meeting people whose eyes sparkle with excitement when they talk about what they do? Artist Karen Lancey displays this captivating enthusiasm as she describes the whimsical metal sculptures she creates out of the “stuff” that many of us dispose of in metal recycling bins. Karen’s “treasures” include rusty saw blades, seized wrenches, springs, pipes, keys, hand saws, crushed toolboxes, car parts, and all sorts of other unidentifiable metal bits and pieces. “Sometimes there’s just so many gifts, right?Read More
by Chris Sigurdson – Peninsula Landscape Supplies – This summer when most of my plants were at their peak, I noticed overcrowding, voids and plants not performing due to specific environmental conditions in my yard. Time to change it up! I have a plan of perennials requiring dividing, shrubs that need relocating, and additional trees and shrubs to incorporate into the landscape. With fall approaching, it’s a perfect time to transplant as plants are nearing dormancy, or dormant. Ultimately, your success will rely on the care that you take toRead More
by Krista Rossato – Home is important: It’s where we start each day, and return to each night. It provides us with joy, security, belonging and privacy. However, we now face a new and unique challenge: our homes have become a place for everything – living, learning and working. Settling into a work-at-home lifestyle is a transition that takes planning and diligence. These low-cost strategies can help you find balance. Establish boundaries for yourself, and with your family or roommates. Talk to your employer about a flexible schedule based on whenRead More
by Janice Henshaw – As Canadians, we love our personal space, right? So much so that our new homes have doubled in size since the 1970s, while at the same time our family size has decreased. Why do we need such large homes? Well, one answer to this question is “Because we can.”  At the other end of the spectrum are tiny homes on wheels, homes for people who would rather live simply without the burden of a huge mortgage. In comparing sizes, several tiny homes could fit into theRead More

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Going Green – Be Waterwise

by Tina Kelly – January 2020 – which now seems like a lifetime ago – was one of our five rainiest Januarys on record and taking water for granted was just a given. Shortly after, the world changed and perhaps we needed a little more gratitude for our access to a seemingly abundant, clean water supply – for increased hand-washing. Victoria has a sub-Mediterranean climate: mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Water collected in Sooke Lake Reservoir during the winter needs to sustain us May through September. Water-wise actionsRead More