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2019 Kids to Watch

Kayden Hayes, 13

Kayden Hayes is an amazing 13-year-old attending Bayside Middle school. While maintaining her academics at an honour roll level, Kayden has accomplished some things in competitive diving that she’s pretty proud of: making nationals three years in a row, getting to travel all around the world in tropical places, finishing in the top six at provincials several times and winning an international competition that she worked very hard for. Kayden humbly says: “There are not too many goals I have in my diving career; they’re mostly just super big and important ones like going to the Olympics.” The other main competitions in her sights are the Canada Cup, Pan Am Games, and Grand Prix. “I want to work really hard so that I can get a scholarship after all the effort I put into diving and to continue to have many more wonderful experiences.”

Ellaina Coley, 13

Ellaina is an incredibly hard working and dedicated student. Not only is she engaged in classroom activities, where she maintains top marks and has won two city-wide writing contests, but it is her school and community endeavours where she truly shines. Inspired by stories of children suffering through cancer treatments, Ellaina and two friends went door to door and raised over $7,500 for Tour de Rock, shaving their heads once they met their goal and inspiring the principal to do the same. Ellaina made it her goal this year to participate in every school sport offered, playing on over six school teams in addition to her own extracurricular sports. She is also an active member of Youth in Action, supporting school activism initiatives. She helped out with yearbook; painting the cover art as well as sketching the school design for Pink Shirt Day. Ellaina truly deserves to be recognized for everything she does to contribute to her school community. Her humble nature and natural willingness to help are evident in everything
she takes on. Truly a kid to watch!

Owen Twamley, 15

Owen Twamley lives with his mom and grandmother. He is home schooled and will graduate high school in April at 15. Owen is a member of Sidney lawn bowls club and has been playing bowls for six years. He has bowled in provincial and national tournaments and reached the podium on his last two Provincials. Since being a member in Sidney, Owen has played in three tournaments. He, with two other members, won the interclub short mat tourney. Owen has worked in helping cleaning up the club, worked at the Christmas bake sale and will be helping to introduce the game at the Club’s annual garage sale and bowling demo. Owen also volunteers at the Sidney museum. He is a good artist, likes photography, and is an ardent bike rider. As well as honing his bowling skills, Owen will be helping with training younger and less experienced youth in our bowls club.
He is an amazing young man.

Tessa Hunter-Siebert, 12 and Becca Harris, 11

In recent years, Becca developed an incredibly strong mix of gentleness and courage. She radiates sincere empathy, kindness and is a true advocate for nature. Becca is caring towards all living things, from insects and reptiles to humans of all ages! Her intuitive understanding and respect of others’ emotions and feelings is impressive. She establishes a trusting, calm and creative space for her close friends and other members of her class. 

Tessa has the most in-depth understanding of social injustice and her perspective allows her to peacefully communicate sophisticated solutions to complex problems. She is intuitive, creative and is a committed worker. She has a calm wisdom and inspires her peers and the adults around her to become better people.
She is also an outstanding athlete and excels at all sports.



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