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First Word with Sue Hodgson

I think because another birthday of mine just rolled around the corner, and seeing my children look so grown up lately, I’ve been wondering how the world will look for them in another 10 to 20 years. Then I happened to come across an article about the sixth major extinction event and it really had me thinking … OK, I’m only 53, even if it’s a bit late in the game, I’m going to give it all I have.   Think about this: we hear so much about the extinction ofRead More

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Sable Island: Trip of a Lifetime

by Cassidy Nunn – Most of my childhood dreams have been horsey in nature and a visit to Sable Island, with its famed herds of hardy wild horses, has been one of mine. Last fall I had the opportunity to make that dream into a reality and I jumped at the chance, booking my flight from Victoria to Halifax. I signed up with Picture Perfect Tours for a day-trip tour to the 42-kilometre-long crescent shaped Island in the North Atlantic. I packed as much of my camera gear as IRead More
by Zahida Machan, Lattitude Global Volunteering Like most of her friends, Jane Galloway heard the message loud and clear: if she didn’t go right into university after high school, she never would.  But instead of heeding that advice, she did something different – what research indicates as a key to success in both university and life, and what more and more young people in Greater Victoria are choosing to do. Jane took a Gap Year right after graduating from Stelly’s Secondary School in 2015. “My volunteer placement was in Newcastle,Read More
Seaside Magazine Starfish

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What’s the Word? In Terms of Travel

by Jo Barnes – Last time we blazed the word trail in the great outdoors. Today, let’s board the phrase train and explore the world of travel. We’re packing light. The trip will be simple: no first class flight my friend. After all, we’re operating on a shoestring budget. The phrase is thought to originate in the 1800s when early peddlars would sell minor items like small pots or shoelaces to earn a modest sum of money. We’re all set, though, and we’ve definitely got more than shoe laces inRead More

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Globehopping – Yukon Ho!

by Krista Rossato – It was barely winter in Victoria and already the days felt short, the air cool and the dampness permeated to our core. We complained because we were still another two months away before the first signs of spring would start to pop through the soil. As we started to think about a brief escape to cure our winter blues, we jokingly asked: “Why go south when we can go north?” After all, adventure awaits in every direction. Within a few days we booked our trip forRead More