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First Word with Sue Hodgson

Publisher & Owner – I love the holidays but for some the season starts much too soon. At least the U.S. has the benefit of a late Thanksgiving date, which happily delays the start of the festive season. There’s just something not right about holiday music piped through an establishment on a mild fall day, before we’ve even commemorated Remembrance Day and before the kids have finished off the Halloween candy. But as our friends down south enjoy their Thanksgiving turkey and prepare for Black Friday – their much ballyhooedRead More

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Dad vs. (chef) Son the great stuffing showdown

The holiday meal is often a time to flex your culinary muscles and impress guests with something a bit special. It’s also the time of year when we have firm favourites; dishes that it just wouldn’t be the holidays without. How do you decide? Tried and true, or experiment with something new? We threw down the gauntlet and Ron Vincent and son Zachary were willing to take on the challenge. Both chefs at Ron’s restaurant, Sea Glass Waterfront Grill, the pair squared off against each other with that essential turkeyRead More
by Lara Gladych – Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being “the voice of the Saanich Peninsula,” so in every issue we’ll be asking people to answer one simple question. We’re looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community. “Where do you find the magic in Christmas?” was the question I decided upon for this month’s issue, hoping to elicit some heartening responses. Before going out to speak to the public, I always ask the question first of myself. IRead More
by Tania Tomaszewska – “I don’t know the hosts (nor what they’re serving); what should I take?” or “We have all sorts of eaters coming over; what should we pour?” Ah, the perennial questions of the festive season. With the myriad of gatherings, flavours and traditions around us at this time of year, it might feel hard to to decide what to bring as your holiday cheer. There are no rules, but traditional wine and food pairing ideas can guide us. I like to follow some of the classics, but also likeRead More

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Common Cents – Budgeting for the Holidays

by Caroline Paterson – CPA, CGA, Paterson Henn CPA – Most of us don’t like budgeting at any time, let alone during the holidays when we want to make our loved ones happy. Spending time with our family and friends is the best part about the holidays; the gift giving is a fun part too but shouldn’t cause us stress. Here are some ideas for making the holidays more enjoyable: Set a total budget amount for gift giving, decorations, food and evenings out – this should be a reasonable amount basedRead More