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First Word from the Publisher – Sue Hodgson

History has a way of creating awkward situations for future generations. I can’t think how many times I asked my grandfather, who fought in the Second World War, how it was to attempt friendly conversation with our Japanese in-laws. He would smile, often with gestures of humour in his words, and would say: “well Sue, they are our family.” In reality, it is not weak, nor is it rare to show forgiveness and kindness toward those who wronged you, especially over the course of generations.  And here we are inRead More
Seaside Magazine Starfish

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How Will You Celebrate Canada Day?

by Paula Kully – As COVID 19 has put a stop to any large gatherings, including Canada Day events, I asked some friends and colleagues how they will be celebrating our Nation’s Birthday this year. Peter Godwin Chance Peter served with the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII and will be celebrating his 100th birthday this November!  “I would very much like to be a part of the Parade down Beacon Avenue. I will dress up in my Blazer and Gongs with the latest French Legion of Honour Medal in theRead More

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The Natural Path – Summer Skin Care Tips

by Marita Schauch, Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre – I think that we can officially say that summer is finally here. But unfortunately, along with the heat comes the increased risk of sunburn, dehydration and insect bites!  Here are some useful tips to help you enjoy a safe and healthy summer outside: • The first line of defense is to dress appropriately. Wear a hat, breathable tops (that provide UV protection) and sunglasses. Use a good quality and natural sunscreen that limits the absorption of both UVA and UVB. ManyRead More
While the province transitions forward with lifting restrictions and businesses reopen, we are seeing ourselves reintegrate back into society with a fresh perspective, renewed gratitude for our social circles and beloved institutions, and perhaps a couple of extra pounds and longer locks than we entered into quarantine with.  This time has presented us the opportunity to take a step back from our regular routines, embrace more of our natural side, and retire our restrictive button-fly bottoms in favour of drawstrings and elastic waistbands.  As a local retail business owner, I haveRead More

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Cowland’s Chronicles – Return to Paradise

by Chris Cowland – “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” There’s a lot of truth in that song. Having been working from home for the last three months, with no wife or dog around, I found myself getting tired of my long monologues with the fridge and the microwave, and a two-way conversation with them always required a glass or two of wine. I think I have watched every show offered by Netflix, and I even resorted to Amazon Prime.Read More