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Asparagus Three Ways

by Matt Jackson, The Sidney Chef | photo by Janis Jean Photography – Nothing signals the arrival of spring like fresh asparagus at the market. The incredibly flavourful vegetable has a relatively short growing season that peaks between April and the end of May. But whether you boil, bake or sauté it, this easy-to-cook vegetable makes up for it with an incredible amount of versatility and is the ideal addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Low in calories, the fibre-rich asparagus is one of the most nutritionally-balanced vegetables, chock fullRead More

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by Deborah Rogers – No, don’t worry, you’re not seeing things; Sue asked me to step in this month and write First Word! It’s no hardship either as there’s so much content in this issue that I’m proud to share with you. We have a focus on kids and family this month. Our editorial was planned a little while ago, but it wasn’t until we saw some shots from the In Fashion photoshoot with Morgan Shaw and her daughters (pg 37) that we knew we had a cover! These littleRead More
by Karen Elgersma | photo by Janis Jean Photography – Sylvia Olsen (PhD) is an author and a storyteller who has extensive knowledge of First Nations housing program development. Dr. Olsen is also an adult educator and trainer who co-created and teaches the First Nations Housing Managers’ Program at Vancouver Island University. As an experienced researcher, she completed her PhD with a focus on government housing in First Nations. Sylvia is also an avid knitter, mom, grandma and wife. It was pure joy to sit across from her on aRead More
by Tina Kelly, Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea – Less screen time and more time outside. These days that’s the advice from experts. But we raise our hand high to suggest an exception: the Salish Sea reality show staring Trooper and Ma Delta, a mated pair of bald eagles featured in one of Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s live cameras. For some time now, my colleagues and I have been eagerly awaiting the hatching of Trooper and Ma Delta’s clutch. The nest may be physically located in Delta, across the StraitRead More

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Ask the Experts – A Kids’ Day Out

by Deborah Rogers – What to do on the Saanich Peninsula – approved activities for 3 to 15 years It can feel challenging to find ideas for activities for older teens, so I was very happy to chat with Ava who reassured me there’s still lots you can do, even during Covid-times. Ava (14) – One of the best things about living in North Saanich are the beaches. At Pat Bay or Norris Beach you can safely meet with friends, paddle, kayak if you have access to one, and feelRead More