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First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – On March 12 last year we had just finished hosting our annual Women To Watch cocktail event – celebrating with over 75 women entrepreneurs, friends and family. Within 48 hours everything went to mayhem! It was the same weekend that I had to say goodbye to my 17-year-old husky. It seemed at the time things couldn’t get any worse. As the year has gone by, through many moments of frustration and anxiety, I’ve been trying every day to adapt better and learn from the pandemic. IRead More
by Jesse Holth – According to Government of Canada statistics, women-owned businesses are still underrepresented in the economy. Entrepreneurship can be a major factor in productivity and innovation. Meet some of the women in our local community who are breaking through barriers and running their own successful businesses. Daksha Narsing, Daksha’s Gourmet Spices For 30 years, Daksha has made freshly-ground spice blends to cook the perfect Indian cuisine at home. It all started when friends and neighbours would ask: “That smells so good! What are you cooking?” Indian cuisine wasRead More
by Karen Elgersma | photo by Janis Jean Photography – Michele Holmes is the owner of Holmes Realty on the Saanich Peninsula. Her story of how she became a top-selling realtor, a successful female business owner and a passionate philanthropist is truly inspiring. She’s brave, gutsy and wise. Michele isn’t just a woman to watch, she’s a woman to listen to. But be warned: her moxie is infectious and you may find yourself busting open a dream after reading this. You grew up in central Vancouver Island. What was yourRead More
by Ashley Ruffle – Financial Advisor, Edward Jones – Most of us would probably agree that men and women frequently behave differently. Of course, this certainly doesn’t mean either gender has an advantage in these areas. However, here’s an interesting question: Do women possess attributes that may make them better investors? Some evidence suggests this may indeed be the case. Consider the following: Long-term focus. Women seem to focus more on long-term goals, according to some studies, whereas men may concentrate more on short-term track records of potential investments. GenerallyRead More

Posted On February 25, 2021By seasideIn Regulars


by Sheila Molloy – Reay Creek Park runs along a creek that originates both on the east side of the Victoria International Airport and the northeast slope of Mount Newton and drains into Bazan Bay near Sidney. It is named for gold mining brothers William and Charles Reay, who settled on an acreage around the creek in 1875. It features walking trails, benches, a stream, forested canopy, bird watching, dog walking or just a quiet stroll. What makes this environmentally sensitive area particularly special is that it has been carefullyRead More