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2019 Men to Watch

by Tim Maloney, Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation –

Seaside Magazine is honoured to celebrate those men who sustain our business community with our seventh annual Men to Watch special issue. We asked Tim Maloney, Director, Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation, about mentors and building a strong community. Celebrating the Saanich Peninsula’s Men to Watch.

A while ago, Sue Hodgson asked me if I would consider writing about the value added by the “Men to Watch” shown in the following pages. These are the men who, in their own unique way, strengthen our Peninsula community and economy, helping to make this one of the greatest places on earth to live. While I know some of these men, I do not know them all. But without doubt, they are known in their circles for making our small part of the world better for all.

During what I consider to be a blessed life I have had many men who helped to guide me, sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtly. Their guidance led me to a career in fundraising, where I have spent the last 40 years helping non-profit organizations make a difference.

For many of us, our first mentor was that guy we called “Dad.” I was fortunate to have a dad who taught me and my brother several critically important lessons. He taught us that to be our true selves was the greatest gift we had to give. He encouraged us to build and use the talents we had. He also showed us how to share them with those around us. We lived in a small prairie town of less than 100 souls. While it might sound dire to some, it was a blessing to us. In that little town we learned that community becomes rich and vibrant when everyone comes together and contributes their individual gifts. 

The next most influential mentor in my life taught me to “dream my dream, and dream it greatly.” He shared this lesson with all of us who attended the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, along with the importance of supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. His support helped focus me on the values that have guided my life, friendships and important decisions (and not coincidentally, have led me to write this while I attend the 50th anniversary of my graduation from that influential school). 

Later, my friend and colleague, Buck, taught me to be courageous in sharing my dream. His view was that you might be unsure about inviting someone into your dream, but you should never withhold an invitation for fear that it would be turned down. His words were: “Be bold, share your dream and invite others to join you on your journey to make your dream a reality.”

Whenever I have needed support, it has always been there for me. I wish this for each and every one of you. Read about all the “Men to Watch” in this issue and think about those around you who may not be in this issue. Celebrate them and what they bring to our community.

Finally, I urge each and every one of you to be full of hope, to take risks and to seek harmony in your work and family life … and above all, be kind.



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