A Holiday Table 3 Ways

by Ashley Stelck and Patricia Pearson, Owners of Hansell & Halkett Vintage Home Decor
Photos by Janis Jean Photography – 

Setting the table for your holiday meal is a great way to really let your holiday theme shine. The table will be the place where there’s that pinnacle moment of the holiday season. Toasts will happen; gratitude will be shared; laughs will be had. The table is part of the whole show: it ties it all together – the tree, the mantle, even the wrapped gifts under the tree.

Never underestimate the impact that a beautifully adorned table has; it has the opportunity to set the stage for the whole meal. Do not be overwhelmed though – it does not need to be overthought, costly or intimidating. Simply use your favourite dishes and maybe that special occasion cutlery that has been tucked away and then finish it all off with a few personal touches that will bring it all together.

Here are three of our favourites that we find timeless yet unpredictable.

• Lots of sparkle, glitz and glam
• Vintage glass ornaments
• Silver candelabras
• Classic holiday colours: deep reds and greens
• Silver vessels filled with forced bulbs and a runner of wintery greens
• Fine white china and elegant crystal

Cozy & Moody
• Rich and warm jewel-toned hues
• Textured table linens and darkstone ware plates
• Black candles and brass holders; a mix of mixed heights gives a great effect
• Whimsical greenery loosely scattered down the centre with low vessels of dark florals
• Simple stemware and mixed vintage silverware
• Lighting is key: low with lots of candlelight

Farm House
• Bright and light with pieces that hold the stories of generations past
• Rustic linens, embroidered serviettes
• Etched vintage glassware and your best silverware
• Crisp white Ironstone serving dishes and antique pitchers filled with seasonal greens
• English transferware; a mixed collection is really fun
• Chunky pillar candles

Table setting ideas are endless and can be mixed up depending on mood and theme. Key elements can be used time and time again: your dishes, silverware, linens … when you want to mix it up it can be as simple as a fresh candle colour, some newfound pieces or something as effortless as a scattering of foraged pinecones and greenery. Happy holidays and happy tablescaping!

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