Alana Delcourt: Fresh New Winner of Seaside’s Woman to Watch 2020

by Deborah Rogers –

The winner of the 2020 Seaside Magazine Woman to Watch award has been in business in our community for six years, and an expert in her field for 22. You may well recognize the friendly smile of Alana Delcourt, or indeed have visited her studio, Fresh Esthetics, for facials, spa treatments or esthetic services. What you might not know about Alana, and what wowed our panel of judges at this year’s contest, are the new services that she is bringing to Sidney.

A lifelong passion for caring for others has been a guiding factor as Alana, a self-confessed “skin nerd,” expanded her range of services to include oncology esthetics. She supported her mom through terminal cancer and the experience shaped the direction of her career. Alana’s “extremely proud to be one of the few certified Oncology Esthetics spas in the greater Victoria area,” which allows her to “confidently and safely offer skin treatments to people with, or recovering from, cancer.” In 2019 Alana decided to take that range of offerings even further. A huge investment in training and equipment has led to Fresh Esthetics now offering paramedical tattooing.

It’s such a specialized and niche practice that it might need a little explanation. Paramedical Tattooing works alongside the plastic reconstructive industry to improve patients’ self confidence and self esteem by restoring anatomical structures. It is ideal for surgical scar camouflage after breast reduction, breast lift, self-harm, hair transplant scars, post-gender-affirmation surgery, burns and birthmarks, as well as areola reconstruction after a mastectomy.

At the live “Pitch Off” Alana showed the judges her portfolio which includes all her drawings as she’s learned the new skill of creating realistic nipples in 2D. She was able to explain to the judges the way that scar camouflage or nipple tattoos can deeply affect the way that people feel about themselves and their bodies, helping them “live their best lives, however they define it.” This new offering at Fresh Esthetics means that people no longer need to travel for this service: it is one of the few places to offer paramedical tattooing on Vancouver Island.

There has always been a huge element of caring to the services that Alana offers. This next expansion takes that idea of loving yourself enough to take care of your body even further. There’s a positivity to the way this businesswoman approaches life that is inspiring to come into contact with. Alana is very proud to have won this year’s award and takes it as recognition of her leap of faith to expand her services. Seaside Magazine, and this year’s judges, are incredibly impressed by her vision and look forward to watching the business grow and succeed in the coming years. Congratulations Alana Delcourt, 2020 Woman to Watch!

Photo by Tracey Scott Photography

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