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Ask a Stylist

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi – 

December Style Tip: I saw this a few days ago and was blown away with an extreme “Aha, why didn’t I think of that” moment. When hand washing a garment, to remove the excess water put items, one at a time, into a salad spinner. Think about it: when we ring out fabric we are stretching and pulling, therefore misshaping the product. The spinning does the job for you without stretching the fabric. I like nice things to look the way they did when I bought them and when I invest in luxury fabrics like silk or linen I want to keep them looking good. Spin it people! Wishing you all a styling holiday season. Thank you for all your great questions. See you next year. xo Shai

I am a single guy who works construction and has little time for fashion, but I still want to look good going to holiday parties. What do you recommend for a guy like me to have as a go-to look? If you are dressed in dark wash denim, clean-pressed cotton shirt and a sports jacket you will be ready to rock this holiday season. The sports jacket is not for everyone but take this into consideration. A structured blazer creates a stronger masculine shoulder line and gives the illusion of height. It’s also a great place to have your phone, business cards and even a handkerchief. Being prepared is a must. Besides, if you’re single, a gallant gesture of offering up a handkerchief goes a long way.

I bought a pair of shoes that I’m in love with but they don’t love my foot in one spot. They are too tight; what can I do at home? Leather is a stretchable product. With the exception of patent leather, croc or snake, the shoe can be stretched by simply applying heat. Put on a thick pair of socks and get out your blow dryer. Apply heat to the area you want to stretch and then walk around in the shoe. Repeat as needed.

How do I repair the underwire in my bra when it pops out? Good bras are expensive and sometimes the wire pops out before the bra needs to be replaced. A cool trick I learned was using moleskin. It is a product you find in the foot care section of the drugstore. It has a soft texture and sticks well to the area that the wire has come through. Simply cut it to size and stick on the fabric. Now your bra is ready to support you, not hurt you.

What is the best look for the holiday festive season? The LBD is classic, however if you want to razzle-dazzle your look go with the cool trends we are seeing. I love, love, love the little black dress with a twist: lots of texture, sheer weight and flirty accessories. If you want to feel sexy and festive go with a silk dress in green or red – this will turn all heads. Then there is the pajamas look with satin pants and a smoking jacket in velvet, strappy heels and a killer clutch. This is a joyful season for all ages; have some fun and try yourself on for size.

How often should I wash my makeup brushes? I wash mine once a week with a solution I purchase at the makeup counter. Do this at night so your brushes are dry for your morning application. The product you put your brushes into will also have the bacteria from your skin, which contaminates product like eye shadow and blush. Using the same brush cleaner, use a cotton pad and wipe the top of the product to remove bacteria that gets back on your skin and causes breakouts.



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