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Ask A Stylist

by Shai Thompson – 

It can be difficult to feel amazing every day, but I’m here to help you find answers and give direction when it comes to creating and organizing your wardrobe. Always remember: nobody’s perfect! Email your questions

January Style Tip: Happy New Year! This is your time to make the positive changes you have been dreaming of. I would like to encourage you to make a style vision board. This will give you an opportunity to manifest a new fresh look for the spring season. Furthermore it is creative and fun. Have a few friends over, have a glass of wine and dare to dream big!

Q: My husband bought me a dress I am not fond of but I don’t want to hurt his feelings and return it. What should I do? When a gift is not a perfect fit for your style but he loves it, I suggest having a date night at home and wear the dress. Wear your favourite lipstick and earrings. This will make you feel good and let him see you in his gift. And you are not wearing it to a social event where there may be a ton of pics posted to Facebook!

Q: I’ve gained 10 lbs. and I don’t fit anything. What should I do? This is the holiday bloat that most of us endure as a result of eating and drinking the good stuff. No need to state the obvious, but until you get back to your regular weight, try products with stretch. Leggings, pencil skirts and tunic tops are also great for “stretching” your wardrobe size. Embellish with your new favourite blanket shawls and jewelry that you were gifted at Christmas. Boots will also slim your leg as well as skinny stretch denim. Most of all, rock your confidence.

Q: I’m going on holidays and I can’t find any summer clothes this time of year. I did no shopping this summer and now I am in need. Where can I shop to get a few nice items for my trip? Do not fret; you’re not alone. I would pick up the phone and call some of your local retailers and ask if they have any resort wear rocking their racks. Some do! If you are size specific, ask them if they have your size as well. You don’t want to make the trek to the store and find they have nothing for you that fits. When you arrive at your destination, go shopping and make sure you leave room in your suitcase to bring your purchases home.

Q: I need new underwear that shows no panty lines; what brand would you recommend? I am a big fan of Hanky Panky undergarments. They are an investment item but they last, as long as you hand wash and hang to dry. They are also very sexy and have tops and beautiful slips.

Q: How do I fix my grey “racing stripe” between colourings? There is a killer product by Aveda that you simply spray onto your roots and it covers the grey immediately. Make sure when you are spraying your head you have a towel around your shoulders so you don’t ruin your good clothes.



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