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Ask a Stylist

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi – 

April Style Tip: Being on colour trend this season means injecting shades of purple into your spring wardrobe. In ancient times, purple was very costly to produce and was mainly only associated with royalty and the church. As April 1 is Easter and many of you will be celebrating by going to church, you will notice purple throughout many of the sanctuaries during this season. As spring starts to arrive, nature’s pageantry of splendor is on full display with colourful flowers bursting up everywhere. Be inspired by the beautiful blooms and colours you encounter during your day as you begin to make the transition out of your winter wardrobe and into spring.

I see women wearing leggings all over the place and am wondering if they are still in style or should be kept for strictly lounging at home? Great question; this comes up a lot in conversation with clients as it has been a very strong West Coast look for many years now. We understand they are comfy, and now you can find them in any print, colour and fabric possible – yes they are still a go if done right. A few years ago we would be saying unless you are six, on your way to yoga, or in the comfort of your own home, they are not pants! However: now leggings and even jeggings (denim-look leggings) can be thick and stylish enough to wear as a functioning layer on the bottom and so easy to roll up into the suitcase. We prefer fashion and function when it comes to leggings and have discovered Firma Energywear made in Vancouver B.C. The products feature an advanced “smart fabric” that uses the wearer’s body heat to provide benefits to the wearer.

My friend just recently spent tons of money on hair extensions and it looks beautiful but is it really worth it in the end? Hair extensions are still very popular, but it’s important to do your research and make sure the investment and upkeep is something you are truly prepared for. There are many different types to choose from such as clip-in, sewn in or glued and the type your stylist is stocking may not actually be right for your hair! Don’t be tricked into paying more for “Virgin Human Hair” extensions, as 99% of the time they’re not. Social media often portrays women with a full head of luscious locks that is often unachievable without a stylist and many hours and dollars later. Healthy luscious locks and hair growth can be heavily influenced by our daily routine and vitamins that we may be missing out on based on diet. Vitamin D, selenium, zinc and silica are just a few vitamins and minerals that, when mixed with a balanced healthy diet, can really help promote hair growth and replace the hassle of extensions.

I live on a boat for at least half the year if not more and am getting so tired of wearing my same worn-out boating clothes. How do I put together a wardrobe that is stylish and appropriate? What a wonderful life on the water! It is possible to be stylish and comfortable while living on a boat, so don’t you worry. Putting together a capsule wardrobe with clothes that are wrinkle free, compact, breathable and most importantly interchangeable will serve you best and keep you organized. A wonderful example of this is a line called Vacay Style out of San Francisco created by a sailor who was in the same predicament. The concept is you start with one collection, usually made of five pieces, pair it with two of your own essentials, such as a plain white top and a universal pair of paints, and voila: you can have over 15 outfits to mix and match!



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