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by Janice Henshaw – Have you ever seen a kitchen that is so beautiful in design and function that it almost takes your breath away? And when you return home, you look at your kitchen and think, hmmm, where do I start? Is it OK just to change the floor in the kitchen area? Can I repaint the cabinets myself? Would a new countertop add some “pop?” If so, what’s the best choice for my kitchen? I thought it might be fun to invite some experts in kitchen design –Read More
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by Colin Eaton, Garden City Tree & Landscape –  Most clients I meet for the first time know they want a substantial change to their landscape. They haven’t put much thought into what that change involves, so they seek ideas from a professional. At this stage, I like to involve our in-house professional design team. Some clients are initially reluctant to involve our design team because they feel it is an unnecessary additional expense, but from my standpoint, the cost of a landscape designer saves the client considerable time, moneyRead More
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by Kristy Palmer, Homefront Ideas –  I am finding that more people moving to the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria are downsizing from their existing homes to either a condo or smaller home. When downsizing, you may be used to having a much larger kitchen and pantry and liked utilizing that space as much as possible, so when you move to a smaller space you may have to be very creative in using the space as best you can. Here are some suggestions that might help. Drawers are the bestRead More
  story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop – Shoreacres is a quiet little road in Sidney that is easy to miss unless you’re looking for it. But oh what a treasure if you live on it! The oceanside, newly renovated 2,188-square-foot home of Deborah and Philip Dodge has a glorious view of the blue ocean, the glacier-clad Mt. Baker, and an entertaining and close-up view of boats cruising in and out of Sidney Marina. This is what retirement looks like for Philip, aRead More
by Matt Hall, Red Feather Horticulture –  I’m a better gardener than globetrotter, which means that I’m not the best person to take travel tips from. Forgoing “Fodor’s,” I’ve instead spent years poring over gardening books and magazines. One of my favourite topics is the early days of botanical exploration and the cultural history of plant species. So instead of travel tips, I’d like to take a quick trip around the world to the birthplaces of some of our most commonly used garden plants. Dahlias (Mexico). Dahlia, the quintessential summerRead More