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story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Janis Jean Photography – It is pretty easy to buy a high-end condo in the Sidney area. As more people discover that Sidney is a wonderful place to live, developers answer the demand by building gorgeous luxury condos. But at the lower and mid-range of the market, attractive, affordable space is often harder to obtain. That wasn’t the case for Tanya, a business analyst, who bought her 1,000-square-foot condo for $470,000 in downtown Sidney last October before the buying frenzy went ballistic. WhatRead More

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by Katie Kroeker, Pacific Ridge Landscapes – Lately several clients have asked us to design bird gardens, so I thought I’d share some practical pointers on how to make your own garden more bird friendly. The next time you’re in your garden, take a look around to discover if it has what it takes to become an avian hot spot. Evergreen trees or shrubs. Birds need safe places to nest and to provide cover during inclement weather. Evergreens are their preferred choice. Conifers (cedars, pine, firs) are very important nestingRead More
story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Janis Jean Photography – Misty Coldwell owns and operates Miss Bliss Boutique in Sidney, and along with business partner Lindsay Trudeau, she owns and operates Nest & Nook Housewares. Misty is a mother of three and a former family lawyer.You might say that she has now found her dream career. Shortly after their third child’s birth, Misty and her husband Chris were looking for a larger home and conveniently found it three doors down! It is a beautiful three-level 4,500-square-foot home built byRead More
by Chris Sigurdson, Peninsula Landscape Supplies – It’s spring again and many of us have already started planting our vegetable gardens. It was amazing to see how many people took an interest creating vegetable gardens last year, and I certainly hope you all keep them up. We started planting ours in the last week of February. Perhaps a little premature, but crop cover should protect everything from the elements. Vegetable starts are plants that have been grown in a controlled indoor environment for transplanting outside at a later date. UsingRead More
story by Janice Henshaw | photos by Janis Jean Photography except where noted – Andi and Larry Hook, the owners of Hook & Hook Designs in Sidney, design and manage custom projects for their clients. In 2016, they bought a project of their own, a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, single-storey house in Sidney built in 1965. The 1,147-square-foot house was completely unchanged since the first build. Larry said that the lack of renovation was a good thing: he has experienced many renovations where multiple homeowners have added their brand of skill (orRead More