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by Janice Henshaw – What makes our living rooms special? Warm, inviting, and welcoming? Yes, yes, of course, it’s your charming and winsome personality! But is there anything better after the chilly blast of a winter walk by the sea than cuddling up on the couch in front of a blazing fire with your family, the one you love, or a really good book? OK, OK, forget about that trip to Hawaii for now – instead let’s talk fireplaces! Open fireplaces are high on the polluting list. They are quiteRead More
by Katie Kroeker, Owner/Designer, Pacific Ridge Landscapes – Whether you bought a new house and inherited a landscape that doesn’t work for you, or heaven forbid, you paid for professional landscaping and don’t like the finished result, bad landscapes happen to good people. The first step to correct the situation is to identify the problem. Poor plant choices. These include trees that have outgrown the space around them, struggling shrubs and perennials, or a mishmash of colour. Solution: Remove them. There is nothing wrong with taking healthy trees and shrubsRead More
by Dan Van der Vlugt, B.Sc.DFH Real Estate Ltd. – Before you begin, ask yourself, “Why am I renovating?” Is it to gain additional income by adding a rental suite? To prepare the home for sale? Or perhaps to expand on your existing living space? Whatever it is, have a plan in mind before you start. Compare quotes from multiple trades, then begin writing a realistic budget. You should shop around to educate yourself on the pricing of the items you plan to upgrade. And give yourself a healthy cushionRead More
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by Linda Hunter – Those familiar with the minimalist movement will know Joshua Becker, his website, Becoming Minimalist, and his best-selling books devoted to a lifestyle of modern simplicity. And while many celebrate the Marie Kondo art of tidying, still more support a growing multi-million-dollar storage industry. Part of living simple for me is living smaller. Living smaller includes living with intention and asking myself what I actually need rather than simply what I want. And while some might believe that more is more, I would argue that having more includesRead More
by Janice Henshaw – When you think of modern office design, do you think of smart acoustics, living walls of green plants, control over your own level of lighting and heating, hammocks for hanging out, used gondolas for meeting rooms? Or do you think of people fixated on their computer screens in rooms with no windows, sound problems, and an aesthetic that largely resembles a large closet? Or how about rows of fluorescent-lit, beige cubicles with people filed anonymously away until they depart for the day? Flexible work arrangements, technologicalRead More