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– by Carell-Ayne Whalen – Did you know that Noah Webster (creator of America’s first dictionary) was a man driven by his obsession and compulsions? Clutter was one of them. Stay with me, as I share a few more. Aspirational Clutter. This is where plenty of unnecessary purchases make me feel better.All those beautiful books decorating my coffee table. Yet, I have never read one of them. And what will I do with those Ping or Nike golf clubs that I purchased after only one golf lesson? Clutter without Storage.Read More

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Seaside Homes: The Green Plan

The latest trends, processes and materials you need to know about and how to make your home an energy and money saving machine. Interior Ideas Cabinets – To “go green” when renovating or creating a new kitchen, cabinets can be manufactured with panel material made from recycled Canadian wheat stalks. Coatings that are free of Hazardous Air Pollutants or allergy sensitive are also available. Natural timber for cabinets should be sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified vendors. “Greenguard” certified materials and recycled aluminum extrusions with no Volatile Organic Compounds take your eco-friendlyRead More

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Trendspotting: Green Your Life

  – with special thanks to Trendspotter Susi McMillan and photographer www.nuttycake.com – “Ecotopia” on the Peninsula Your local authorized Soap Exchange Refill Centre. Skip producing bottle garbage and enjoy this eco-friendly soap collection for your body and home cleaning. Ecotopia Naturals also carries luxurious and comfortable eco-clothing, accessories, jewelry, body care and more! (Soap Exchange Shampoo and Conditioner: $6.99/500mL, $12.99/1L + bottle deposit; Magic Touch Hand & Body Soap: $3.99/500mL, $6.99/1L + bottle deposit) Ecotopia Naturals NEW Location: #101 – 9816 Seaport Pl, Sidney www.ecotopianaturals.com Simply Organized Eliminate bottleRead More
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– by Michael and Lisa Dunsmuir, Step One Design –   It’s actually amazing how far we have come here in Canada, as a whole, to make efforts towards lessening the impact we, and subsequently our homes, have on the environment. For instance – Built Green (www.builtgreencanada.ca) principles are more and more prevalent within the building industry. We are taking the necessary steps to evaluate how energy and water is utilized within our spaces. There is, however, so much more beyond this that we have to open our minds to.Read More

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West Coast Gardener: Why Mulch is So Right

– by Colin Eaton, Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. – Contrary to the saying “everything in moderation,” you can never have enough top dressing of mulch. Mulch is more beneficial the more you use. A good mulching job will have the following benefits: • hinders weed germination and growth; • holds in soil moisture, which means less frequent watering; • protects soil from erosion; • adds nutrients to your garden as it breaks down; • reduces soil compaction; • helps maintain a more even soil temperature; and • provides anRead More