A Coffee Table Three Ways

by Tracey Jones, Remarkable Interiors –


After choosing a look or style that fits your aesthetic (think – what is the look I’m drawn to?), it’s time to layer on your pretty things! Here are some coffee table essentials.

Books. This is the reason there are “Coffee Table Books!” I love books and thrift for gorgeous ones! Whatever your interest is, there is a book out there. I also search for cover colour within my theme.

Candles. Candles are universal ambience setters. Whether scented or just a pretty glow, they are always mood enhancers (and there are many good battery options too now!). Perfect on top of books or on a tray.

Floral or Greenery. An essential layer to any table! Flowers or greenery, fresh or faux, potted or cut in a beautiful vessel. Abundant blooms or minimal stems; all are beautiful in a styling vignette.

Trays. Trays are awesome “containers” for a coffee table. They are a great foundation for the other layers, and make a great place for small things such as remotes. This is a great idea for those tables that tend to get piled upon!

And finally …

Special collectible or art d’objet. A treasure from travels, a special heirloom piece, or just something that makes you smile … you will see
it every day on that table!


Depending on the aesthetic, keep the area contained; think of reserving half or a third of the surface for décor. The rest of the space should be available for daily use … drinks, food, tablets, feet!

Within that contained décor area think about the high low design principle (peaks and valleys), stack books, add the treasure to the top of the stack, nestle a candle in between your floral and the book stack. Your eye goes from high to low in a pleasing, pulled together way.

Try to coordinate your colour or design ideal, but really it’s your space so if you want all one colour great, or all different colours and textures that’s fine too!

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