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Corn on the Cob Three Ways

by Jenni & Brendan Brown, Harvest Rd Farm to Table Grill –

The Saanich Peninsula is widely recognized for producing the best vegetables on Vancouver Island, yet despite knowing this, we’re always stunned by the incredible flavour of the fresh corn grown on the Saanich Peninsula. Regardless of which side of the Pat Bay Highway you choose for your corn shopping, you are sure to be awestruck by the flavour and freshness. We are currently serving fresh picked corn on the cob from Michell’s Farm with all of our main dishes at Harvest Rd. Farm to Table Grill in Central Saanich. Here are a few of our favourite cooking techniques to bring the best of our farm to your table. 

The Classic: Butter and Sea Salt 

Don’t overthink this one. More importantly, don’t overcook this one! Shuck your corn, add to boiling water and boil, covered, for three minutes. Roll the steaming corn in a mixing bowl with a knob of salted butter. Sprinkle with fine sea salt and a dash of Magic Powder (from Adrianna’s The Whole Enchilada). Serve immediately! Pro tip: add fresh grated parmigiano reggiano and a squeeze of lime if you want to add some easy elegance to the dish. 

Beach BBQ Style Corn 

Prep ahead! Soak your corn in the husk for at least a half hour prior to cooking. Heat your BBQ to highest setting and allow to come up to temperature. Place the corn (still in the husks) on the grill for about 8 minutes, flipping every few minutes. Pro tip: prior to serving, use an oven mitt and peel back the husks. Place the cobs directly on the grill for a quick sear to achieve a light charred finish. This adds a subtle smokiness and depth of flavour while bringing a nice visual contrast
to the dish. 

Elotes: Mexican Street Corn 

This dish is a real Mexican delicacy that we’ve enjoyed with a cold cerveza on more dimly lit Mexican evenings than we can count! We’ve adapted our own Canadian version to include ingredients readily available here at home. Start by using one of the other techniques on this page to cook your corn. Blend together a mixture of mayonnaise (we use veganaise), lemon juice, black peppercorns and your favourite Mexican-style hot sauce. Slather the cooked corn generously with the sauce and top it with a handful of cow feta and grated parmigiano reggiano. Garnish with chopped cilantro or Italian parsley. Pro tip: sometimes it’s nice to chop the corn from the cob and layer the elements of this dish. Serve it as a decadent side that you can enjoy with a spoon.



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