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On Design – the Art of Kitchen Storage

by Kristy Palmer, Homefront Ideas – 

I am finding that more people moving to the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria are downsizing from their existing homes to either a condo or smaller home. When downsizing, you may be used to having a much larger kitchen and pantry and liked utilizing that space as much as possible, so when you move to a smaller space you may have to be very creative in using the space as best you can. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Drawers are the best way to access and to use the space below the upper cabinets because they use all the space of the lower cabinet and, with the full extension drawers that are available, everything is easy to access.

Spice pullouts, garbage and recycle pullouts and pantry pullouts are amazing. Beside your range or cooktop, install a pullout spice rack; it can hold everything from your favourite spices to your cooking oils, vinegars etc. depending on the size. Pull-out pantries are nice because you might have a narrow opening and it will hold so much more than a traditional pantry.

If you are having a hard time finding somewhere to put your brooms and cleaning solutions etc., how about at the side of your refrigerator? Putting a full-height cabinet beside the fridge will not only hide your brooms, but will finish off the end of the plain gable end.

Drawer inserts for utensils and spices come in all different designs that can be made to fit any size drawer you may have. For the upper cabinets try tray dividers; they are perfect to keep all of your cooking pans separated for easy access. I find adjustable shelves are the best way to utilize space, so the small stuff can go on one shelf and your larger ones on another, making use of the whole cabinet.

If you have a linen closet close to your kitchen, kitchen designers can make that into a very nice pantry with pull-out shelving and cabinet doors to match the rest of your kitchen.

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen island, we usually fit some 12-inch deep cabinets on the opposite side for extra storage that does not have to used very often. Full-height upper cabinets are also great for extra storage for things you do not have to use regularly.

The old Lazy Susans have been upgraded considerably: they do not have the old chrome pole and can be made out of birch plywood that is much nicer looking. If you absolutely do not like Lazy Susans, “Magic Pantries” are available; they are made out of metal material and can extend all of your storage from the deep corner, so everything is easily accessible.  



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