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On Design – Layers & Layers: A Styling Story

by Tracey Jones & Stacey Kaminski – 

Our number one question from clients when we first meet is “Why can’t I get my space to look finished?”

Our answer is always the same. A home requires not only furniture that fits in terms of scale, colour and style, but more importantly it requires the detailed layers of accessories, art and décor to pull it all together and “feel” right (and done!). The styling can be the most important piece of the puzzle!

It’s not about styling “secrets” … we aren’t magic, after all! But there are some definite styling constants that always work, so keep them in mind when finishing a space or changing it up.

Create YOUR story. It’s your home. Find what inspires you and sprinkle the story of the people who live there throughout. We think a space should fit like a favourite pair of shoes; it looks like a million dollars and tells us who you are! If it’s forced and “not you,” that comes across in a space.

Scale. Group objects you love; typically place larger items at the back and smaller at the front. Group in odd numbers – but don’t stress on that! Even is lovely and clean looking too! Fill space gently; don’t block it. Scale pieces to the surface size.

Reflection. We don’t mean deep inner reflection … reflect the light everywhere! Mirrors open up a space, reflecting light and beauty. Use them often!

Texture. Use lovely texture on walls, floors and surfaces! Layer neutral textures everywhere. This is again why sometimes places feel so good: texture gives a sense of cozy and warm. Books are a great way to add texture – old and weathered with a story to tell.

Organics. Greenery floral and organics (alive or faux) in a space = LIFE. Many times this is the element missing. Faux is fab for black thumbs (or travellers or just plain busy people) Tuck greenery into pots on a bookshelf, coffee table, kitchen counter or bedside table. Every space you live in needs a hit of fresh!

Soft Décor. Pillows and throws are a great way to add the final layers on your seating areas and of course on the bed (cue groan from the men). Carry your colour scheme into the pillows and add another one for some fun and interest! We always suggest feather inserts in throw pillows; they don’t flatten like poly inserts and can be fluffed easily! It’s amazing how changing up the pillows can change the look of a room instantly! Small investment; big reward.

Go rearrange or showcase your special things! Thinking of one (or all!) of these aspects above will guide you.

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