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On Design: Renovating the Heart of the Home

by Jessica Kwasnica, Seaside Cabinetry & Design – 

Why do people take the plunge and renovate their kitchen? It’s a thought that crosses most people’s minds at some point in their lives. How we live, work and use our home has evolved drastically and an outdated kitchen may not serve our needs.

Whether it’s time to say goodbye to dated 1970s cabinets, replace that humming fridge, you’re longing for an open floor plan or you need more workspaces, I’ve heard it all. In 13 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people see their kitchen dreams fulfilled. Witnessing the happiness that a new kitchen brings is what makes my job so gratifying.

When I initially meet with a client we discuss WHY they want to renovate. At the top of their list is the desire to have an open floor plan, something which incorporates the kitchen, the hub and heart of the home, into the family living space.

People are now creating beautiful, open and inviting spaces that they not only want to show off, but which allow them to be included in the party. Sometimes this can be achieved by opening a single wall; however, it can go as far as relocating the kitchen to another area of the home completely. Room shapes, sizes, scenic views, lighting and access to the outdoors are all important aspects to consider.

Household appliances have come a long way in recent years. Updating appliances can create much-needed calm, functionality and convenience in today’s busy lifestyles. Pieces like multi-oven ranges, steam ovens, plumbed-in coffee makers and double-drawer dishwashers have gained popularity and created solutions to kitchen issues of the past.

Cooking has become more of an art form and a team sport. Getting to know the end user is a large part of my work. Creating extra room for multiple chefs in the kitchen can make cooking and clean-up easier and more enjoyable. Adding islands, additional counter space and enlarged walkways allows people to work and navigate the kitchen together with ease.

Increasing kitchen storage in today’s Costco-style grocery shopping craze is something that needs to be planned for in advance. Adding inserts, roll-outs in a pantry, or an entirely separate walk-in pantry is something that needs to be discussed and planned for ahead of time.

Whatever the reason for your kitchen renovation, it is important to know what you want, trust who you work with and be open to new suggestions. Spring is just around the corner; maybe a new kitchen is on your spring to-do list!

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