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On Design: SOS! Solutions for Organized Storage

by Tracey Jones and Stacey Kaminsky – 

It’s a sign of the times. Home prices are skyrocketing. People are either downsizing and editing their “stuff” into a much smaller space, or renovating their existing home to create long-term solutions – optimizing their space without expanding their footprint. Storage in today’s world is big business.

You may be frustrated with failed systems. You just want to feel good when you walk into your home. You are stressed. Sound familiar? The key to getting it right is really defining your family’s needs. Who lives in the space? (kids, pets, extended family); How do you live in the space? (home business, hobbies). Having an objective viewpoint is a really great start. Professional designers and organizers do just that – ask the hard questions without judgement. What do you really need for your space to function well? We try to identify the trouble spots in the home, which in turn will give you the greatest sense of relief. The adage “Less is More” is so valid for organized, reduced-stress living.

In the past, storage typically was in the form of furniture, large and bulky but usually well crafted (think giant china cabinets). In our modern spaces , bulky no longer works. We are looking to lighter modular units that can move and fit our changing needs on all fronts, vertically and horizontally, claiming previously unused wall space. If renovating, adding built-in permanent storage is a great clutter solution and a very good long-term investment that adds value to the home. As designers we love to pair great storage function with beautifully styled surfaces.

Top areas to focus on are the Clutter Zones:
• Cupboards/Cabinets/Drawers  (kitchen and bath)
• Closets (entry areas, linen, pantry, bedrooms)
• Garage/Bonus room

Closets and pantries can be revamped, with simple purchased shelving systems or custom pieces that create a place for everything. No more awkward reaching into the depths of a corner cabinet! Local retail home improvement stores can get you going with ideas. IKEA is brilliant for storage solutions and has come a long way in quality. There are literally millions of online storage inspirations to fit your space.

An example of redefining your area is to make use of the dead space underneath the stairs – creating a wall of storage drawers. A simple fix to a cluttered linen closet is the addition of airy wire baskets. A DIY entry storage bench system and wall hooks are a great weekend project!

The hardest part of any project is starting. Take a triage approach to checking off areas one by one. Call in help when you find yourself getting stuck!

The bonus of organized storage systems? Your space looks and feels great and is easier to maintain, creating a sense of calm even in a crazy busy life. We love that!



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