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In Fashion – Dressing Up for a Night Out

by Christina Georgeadis, Waterlily Shoes – 

Who doesn’t want to enjoy those last rays of summer on a patio? As we move into fall and cooler evening temperatures, we start thinking of cozy sweaters, beautiful wraps and smart jackets. An evening out at this time of year requires a little planning and some layering.

I am a huge fan of the athleisure trend, and can often be seen walking my dogs or zipping to the supermarket in my tights. That’s great for daytime casual, but why not plan something a little more special for that night out? There is a chasm of style between athleisure and dressy, and in that gap you will find the perfect outfit to create a chic look.

Depending on the temperature, you can still get away with some of your summer dresses with the addition of a jacket or sweater – denim and leather jackets are still right on trend for fall. You will need that extra layer as the sun goes down. In addition, you’ll want to choose footwear that offers a bit more coverage. There are wonderful booties and shoes out there that take you easily into fall. Closed toe slingbacks and mules are also fabulous shoulder-season options.

For those ready to move into fall fashion, you will find a palette of rich, deep harvest colors. We are seeing a real mix of styles, so there is something out there to suit everyone. Slim-fit pants are still popular, but we are also seeing a comeback of the wide leg/palazzo pants. Typically found with a higher waist, these pants are very flattering to most figures.

Dressing an outfit up or down can be determined by your footwear. Where you may not feel brave enough to wear something a bit out of your comfort zone in clothing, you can have fun with your footwear style. Leave the walking shoes at home and go for those funky heels languishing on the top shelf in your closet. If you absolutely can’t wear heels, how about a bootie, cut-out flat, oxford or mule? There are so many options in footwear that allow you to express your style, and still stay comfortable.  A truly “safe” place to add colour, go for that red boot, purple oxford or pink mule. Remember, the shoe doesn’t have to match your outfit – you are intentionally adding a pop of color to make them stand out. 

Make your next evening out a bit more special by planning an outfit that will make you glow. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are a great way to express your unique style. See you on the patio!



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