IN FASHION – One Sports Coat, Three Ways

by David Bremner, D.G.Bremner & Company, photos by Janis Jean Photography –

The “sports jacket” has come almost full circle … from being the semi formal, boring cousin of a suit that it’s been for many years into a completely refreshed, eminently practical wardrobe essential.
Closer to a coat today, with its generally softer and more pliant construction, the modern “sports coat” offers protection from the elements, a place for a phone, keys and glasses all while looking firmly grounded in the 21st century.

Here are three looks, with pieces that can be combined in any number of ways to cover any number of social situations, and all age groups, all based on the same jacket. Whether it’s a day at the office, a fun evening on the patio for dinner and drinks, or a casual but important date with a special friend, a good sports coat can do it all.

Mix it up. Have some fun. And always remember: “Fashions may change, but style remains.”

Today’s staple for just about any occasion, and for just about any age. Be the best dressed man on the patio for drinks in this softly constructed Baldessarini houndstooth jacket in soft earth tones paired with a pair of 34 Heritage jeans, a Desoto jersey shirt, Pegada sneakers and a Vernizzi belt.

This jacket is so soft and comfortable it cries out to be casually sophisticated for an evening out with friends in once again our Baldessaini jacket, this time with a Robert Barakett v-neck T-shirt, a pair of earth tone Ultralite Brax 5 pocket pants, another pair of Pegada sneakers and topped off with a beautiful Vernizzi of Italy belt.

As traditional for business as you need to be in these Covid days … for an office day or an important date! With a pop of colour from this striking blue Robert Barakett shirt, contrasting nicely with easy care charcoal Alberto 5 pocket dress pants, a beautiful Dion silk tie and amazing cognac leather sneakers from Bugatti bring it all home.

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