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In Fashion – Pack Like a Pro: Basic Tips for Success

by Shai Thompson, House of Lily Koi – 

Packing a bag does not have to be a drag. It’s actually very simple when you make your strategic plan by following my “Basic 101” steps to success. It costs money when you don’t plan: the last thing you want to do when you land is realize you are without a staple item. Having to scour an unknown city for that specific piece is a drag when you already own it but simply left it at home by mistake.

Whether your trip is for pleasure or work related, these rules apply. The bigger your suitcase the more you will bring and the heavier it will be – you want to avoid the extra added fees at bag check in. Random fact: Canada is second in line globally for high cost airport fees.

Making your wardrobe plan starts with understanding all your daily actives including travel days. Ten items can be worn with several distinct looks by working the accessories in. Lay everything out, try everything on to make sure it fits and remember you don’t have to bring something “just in case.” Eliminate that from your packing vocabulary!

When you actually pack your bag, roll everything as this takes up less space and helps reduces the wrinkles in your wardrobe. You may also consider leaving space for that item you just had to purchase, like a new pair of shoes. Pack smaller items in the centre of the suitcase and roll them all together into a ball. Your blazers and outerwear should be on the outside of the ball. Vacuum-sealed bags are also a great idea for space-saving packing.

I always have my toiletry bag ready to go for carry on. I put this in a clear bag that lives under my sink and is easy to access. I am big on double wrapping to prevent spillage as I move product from my home containers to my travel containers. Should your bag be pulled for a random check, this is what they are usually looking for so give it to them right away and make it easy – putting it on top can avoid a disheveled surprise later.

Here is my wardrobe check list for travel:

1) White classic shirt made of wrinkle-free fabric

2) 1 pair of your favourite jeans

3) 1 black cocktail dress that is seasonally appropriate

4) 1 blazer – seasonal

5) 1 outerwear jacket or coat

6) 1 pair of flats – this could be a cool pair

of sneakers

7) 1 pair of heels – nude or black

8) Workout clothes / bathing suit

9) Small selection of accessories including scarves

10) Tote and hat.

Bon voyage!



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