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In Fashion: Transitioning to Grey Hair

By Annilee Armstrong, Red’s Chair –

There comes a time when all the root touch ups, highlighting and lowlighting become too much of a chore.

What’s wrong with grey hair anyway? In a nutshell, nothing.

But – how do you transition? Should you transition? What’s the best way? I’ve outlined some options to help you make the right decision, for you!

Grow it out. This is the most obvious, but sometimes the most awkward.

Chop it off. Minimize that awkward stage with a big chop. Just because you go shorter, does not mean you’ll look older. This can be a great option for unruly grey hair, and also softer finer textures.

Your stylist can help you find a great style for your face shape and hair type. Structure is key!

Layer it up. If short hair feels too drastic, it isn’t your only option: you can also choose long layers. The different lengths will blend the different shades in your hair while you are growing it out. Just because you’re chosing to go natural doesn’t mean that you can’t have longer hair.

Consider highlights. It’s not all or nothing when it comes to transitioning to grey!

The process of highlighting or lowlighting will gradually filter in your natural greys. This can take several months, but it will help blend your grey roots during the transition while still enhancing your style. This is a great option for “salt and pepper” hair.

If you decide to go this route, understanding the difference between permanent hair colour and demi permanent will help you decide what will work best for you. Permanent will cover grey 100%, while demi permanent will blend it with a more translucent result and fade within six to eight weeks. Permanent is like your colour stay lipstick; demi permanent is like your lip gloss!

Also, silver tones now exist in many different colour lines, making it easier on hairstylists to help you through.

Even men question whether or not they should let it go, or fade it out. Since men come for haircuts more often, a demi permanent to conceal the grey is a great option.

Caring for grey hair. Now that your silver is on full display, you’ll want to keep it from looking dull. Opt for clear products: sometimes hair will absorb the colour of the products used, so make sure that your products are clear and not tinted golden.

Also, due to the nature of grey hair, it can be on the drier side. Make sure you are using products that are moisturizing. Using a hair mask (like a facial mask, but for hair!) can help keep moisture locked in!

Tinted shampoos and conditioners are made to keep white and grey hair from looking brassy. Be careful not to OD on the tinted products, but if you do don’t panic: it should rinse out the next time you wash!

Whether you decide to go grey gracefully, give it some help or fully conceal it, rest easy knowing there are lots of options.

The only thing I need to decide is if I should take my own advice!



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