by Deborah Rogers –

No, don’t worry, you’re not seeing things; Sue asked me to step in this month and write First Word! It’s no hardship either as there’s so much content in this issue that I’m proud to share with you. We have a focus on kids and family this month. Our editorial was planned a little while ago, but it wasn’t until we saw some shots from the In Fashion photoshoot with Morgan Shaw and her daughters (pg 37) that we knew we had a cover! These little sweeties melted our hearts in their spring outfits!

I personally had lots of fun on my assignments this month including interviewing a number of very wise children who had nothing but good ideas about ways to stay busy, even during covid-times (pg 18). I also got to experience a little quality time with my own children (and husband) on a family picnic for my “Day Out” (pg 41). Combined with another really well-attended online Book Club meeting, everything has added up to remind me of how much opportunity we still have to connect with others and to have fun.

I wasn’t alone in hanging out with my kids – Joan Saunders shared her kitchen with her son this month (pg 28), cooking up some tasty treats together. With warmer weather, local produce is really starting to flourish and we are excited to share with you the next in our “One Food, Three Ways” recipe series. Matt, the Sidney Chef, has created some beautiful dishes using asparagus – you better try them quickly as this vegetable is only in season for a short time!

In fact, I recommend you read the whole magazine cover-to-cover; you are sure to find something for just about everyone. Just as the farm stands will be soon, we’re overflowing with seasonal, timely and fresh goodies for your enjoyment!

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