First Word from the Publisher

by Seaside Sue – 

I didn’t see the end of the year coming so quickly. I blinked and suddenly it’s 2022! I’m going for a “let’s take it as it comes” vibe this January, and I’ll try not to force anything: no hardline resolutions, no unrealistic goals, no sacrifices.

At Seaside we love showing you all the great things that are going on around the Saanich Peninsula, finding interesting stories and suggesting ways of making the most of our amazing community. We’re going to carry on doing that, all year! That’s not a resolution; it’s a promise. Saying that, this issue is still bulging with the themes we like to reacquaint ourselves with at the beginning of a new year: financial and health. Then there’s food, and everything from living off the land to local fashion trends. Make sure you check out our new column for 2022, Screen Scene (pg 45), where local filmmaker Tabatha Golat will be sharing her recommendations for what to watch on screen (big and small).

There are so many things that bring me joy at Seaside but one thing in particular is getting to work with my amazing and talented colleagues for the past 11 years. Allison Smith (Editor in Chief); Deborah Rogers (Editorial Director); Steven Haley-Browning (Sales Account Manager); Leah-Anne MacLeod (Creative Director); Janis Jean and Amanda Cribdon (Staff Photographers); Lindsay Skrivanos, Irene Stevens (Bookkeepers); and Martyn Stimpson CPA, and all our writers and contributors. It’s because of them that we continue to uncover the creative talent that runs deep throughout the community and allows us to bring these stories to life on and off the pages. I’m so grateful for each and every one of them.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more out of life – I think that’s an achievable goal (that we can help you with!) and alongside that, let’s remember to be more grateful for who and what we already have in our lives.

Happy New Year!

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