First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

I cannot believe September is already here! We finally get our summer and I don’t want it to end. Bright skies and sun helped make my super busy schedule in August that much easier to deal with. I’ve been house/pet sitting all month for two amazing clients and had to improvise a bit for the care of my cat at home and try to balance my life of sport activity (and don’t forget my 9 to 5 job too!)

With my spin class closed for some well-deserved holidays, I decided to go back to trail running. Well, that was a bad idea! Day three and I was just getting back into it and … I step on a hornet’s nest. A dozen stings and three days of recovery; not a pretty sight! A good friend gave me some kind advice: “Sue, your fault for being fit and active, no stings if you were sitting on the couch eating ice cream!” I laughed out loud. This same friend was out biking and had a terrible stumble: Emergency Dept., X-rays and now rest. We both agreed that fit people get hurt doing stuff! His doctor asked him how old he was (quietly he is 59) and responded: “Wow, you have great muscle tone!” My friend confided that the “accident was worth it, just to hear that!”

I guess life is full of mountains and valleys; sometimes we must struggle to the top and sometimes we have to fight to get out of the bottom. Either way, we both got right back on with our activities.

In this issue of Seaside you will be racing (please walk, don’t run!) to find our foodie issue packed full of flavours: from Peaches 3 Ways, by Fox & Monocle Cafe (pg 22), to The Chocolate Project, by Stephanie Staples (pg 28), and from farmstands (pg 27) to food budgets (pg 35). Our cover hits all the senses too, with Joan Saunders’ recipe for a delectable berry dessert (pg 10).

Whether you’re biking, running or simply resting, we hope you enjoy this issue of Seaside Magazine. We love what we do and hope you take time to enjoy it as much as we love producing it, right from scratch!

Seaside Sue

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Butik Naturals. For more, visit #103 – 2506 Beacon Avenue in Sidney

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