First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

Dayle McMillan’s Inside Out column this month (Healthy Self, Healthy Relationships, pg 25) really resonated with me. It might be because I’m going through a few extraordinary circumstances right now, which at times have created doubt about some of the relationships I have in my life. Don’t get me wrong: I know we all experience situations sometimes that will test our relationship boundaries, but truthfully, I’ve been feeling heavy hearted lately. It’s a combination of people being taken advantage of, and the disappointment of being on the receiving end, and perhaps it’s the added weight of the end of life of some very special people recently.

Upon reading Dayle’s column, I was reminded again that when we say relationship, we all have one very important relationship: the one with ourselves. It is so easy to forget what’s most logical. How we think about ourselves – and treat ourselves – is one of the first relationships we will ever have. Logically this relationship we have with ourselves is extremely important; it can influence all our other ones and how we deal with conflict or sadness. I am not saying I’m an expert – it might sound funny to have a “self relationship” because society doesn’t teach us to have one, but if you have a thoughtfulness toward yourself, it will affect all other aspects of your life and help move you through challenging emotions more smoothly.

When I write this column each month, I’m always thinking about how I can make a difference with the few words I write. All I can think is to try and share how I’m doing from time to time, in the hope that it resonates with someone reading. My heavy heart will soon lift, but not before I take some time to reflect on how my relationship is with myself. No one is perfect, and part of building a healthy relationship with yourself is recognizing this includes you. Sometimes we will mess up and make mistakes; I have!

Love will win! Big hugs to everyone that I know … and remember to LOVE YOURSELF!

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