First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

I’ve recently received a few letters in response to some of my First Word articles and I just want to say “Thank You.” You know who you are. It means the world to me that what I write might be meaningful or helpful in some way. It’s funny how we turn a certain age and we might think we know it all … “Oh life is not so complicated”! Then life tosses us a wrench – a three-year hiatus due to Covid to discover ourselves all over again – and what comes out is not always the same. I know I have changed!

The daily commute or travel; catching a first-run film; in person doctor visits; standing-room-only concerts or checking out a hot new restaurant … these common everyday experiences are now fraught with risk and anxiety on how we live, work, play and stay healthy. At times, I’m totally confused about what happens next. How do we cope? What if we hear a cough or a sniffle – do we let our guard down?

I just came back from my first trip in over three years, and as I mentioned in my April issue First Word, I was full of anxiety. Let it be known, however, that all was good! Immigration and security seems to have doubled, but they are organized and ready to take on the travellers in a very steady, efficient way. Just be prepared and have them stamp “Patience” on your passport!

I think NOW, after what we have all been through, there is a real opportunity for us to realign ourselves with rhythms in life that give us greater energy, purpose and positivity.

We can then find more balance and fulfillment and an increase in our well-being, which will have an overall benefit for our community. How lucky we will be!

Please be kind out there and smile … it’s amazing how just a small facial gesture can change anybody’s day!

Seaside Sue

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by piper + ally.

For more, visit Instagram @piperally. Shot on location at Mattick’s Farm.

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