First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

Refresh, unwind, renew spirits … that’s what a vacation is all about, and having just returned from an amazing time in Spain I was feeling pretty good. Then reality hit when I got home.

My 18-year-old Siamese cat, Bubbles, took a turn for the worse and decisions had to be made. She has been with us since the children were babies, and as the household emptied over the years, Bubbles continued to be my constant. She was my everything, really. I would come home and as soon as she heard me pull into the driveway, she was at the door waiting.

On October 7, that wasn’t happening anymore. She needed me, and for three days I spent every second with her. We slept together, we ate together; I never left her, and on October 10, I knew it was time. The unconditional love our animals give us is so superior to anything I have experienced before. There are no expectations of giving back, except your presence, a few pats here and there, or a long snooze on your lap.

As adults, we can decide whether to be sad, grumpy, kind or generous, but these sweet animals give you their love no matter what. I will miss her so much, but she has reminded me again (we need those reminders) that life is so precious.

It will take a little time to shake off the sadness of losing Bubbles, and getting used to an empty house, but you know that I’ll be looking for the positives and moments of joy that will inevitably be on the horizon. However you’re feeling this month, I hope that this issue of Seaside Magazine brings you some entertainment and pleasure, that it pricks your interest and encourages you to try something new.

Seaside Sue


Photo by Janis Jean Photography.
Clothing provided and styled by Baden Baden Boutique, Sidney.

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